My happy things. Simple things that light up my mornings.

I am a fairly positive person by nature and I like to surround myself with things that I love. My happy things. These things don’t cost much, they are just simple things that I find pleasant to look at or use.

Happy Things! How and why to add small things into your life that make you happy.The color pink is my jam. It always has been, and I love it in all of its shades and hues. Let me be clear that in real life, I don’t say that things are my jam. But I do love pink.

Obviously Barbie had a huge influence on me in my youth and one does not cast aside ones youthful obsessions easily, so I’ve chosen to embrace it.

I wanted to share a few of the simple things that I reach for every day that seriously brighten my morning. And today I realized that they’re all pink…. So there’s that.

happy things; These are the things that I reach for each morning that make me happy.

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For instance, I ALWAYS have a pink notebook. I usually have several, in all sizes. Real paper and ink are what inspire me and I keep these notebooks stashed all over to jot down ideas and lists as they occur to me. I got this Polkadot one from Studio C– and I use it for quick journaling. I also have this one and several of these strewn about the house and in my purse. happy things! This pink notebook is one of the first things reach for in the morning!

Warby Parker has recently satisfied my pink obsession with these glasses. Apparently, I’m pretty much blind now, but these cute frames almost make up for it. They took FOR-EVER to ship them for some reason, but they were worth the wait. I adore them in this transparent, rosey, bellini shade and you can always count on quality from Warby Parker and since I can’t read without them anymore, that sems pretty important. Seeing is great.

I love these happy readers from Warby Parker in a translucent pink hue.

You all know my complete obsession with Treat Beauty Lip Balms ! I will stand by these babies forever. Take it from a woman who has lived in Colorado and now Utah- this is a cheap and delicious way to have dewey, youthful looking lips again! Ask anyone who has been to my house- these are stashed all over and always within reach. LOVE them. You can buy this organic, jumbo, deliciousness for $10.99 here and here, in all the flavors.. You won’t be sorry. They are that good. Pink happy things! I love every lip balm by Treat Beauty! Hands down the best!

My latest little pink joy though, is this eyelash mug. GAH! Look at it!!!! Don’t you love it??!! I purchased this little beauty at Sweet Water Decor and I could not be happier with it. It is the absolute perfect shade of happy-pink and I swear I catch myself smiling at it, which is probably weird, but I’m keepin it real here for you. If you’d like one, you can grab it here. I may get another one to store my growing collection of makeup brushes in- because ohmygosh how cute would that be?!Happy things! This pink eyelash mug is to die for and it makes me happy every morning!

These all seem small, but I think it is important to find joy in small things! And you don’t have to purchase anything- maybe you find joy in the view outside your window- or something that reminds you of a loved one. Whatever it is, be intentional in recognizing the things that make you smile and then put more of those in your life! Small, simple pleasures go a long way.

Do you have things that you use and enjoy because of their shape or color? What are some simple things that you use every day that make you happy? Tell me in the comments! I’m going to go fill up my pink lash mug with coffee because I’m still on the Sirtfood Diet, and it’s allowed. 🙂

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My secret, expert beauty resource for women over 40.

The secret, expert beauty resource that you never knew existed! For women over 40- get high end samples and expert advice.

Remember when you had to go all the way to paris (or WISH you could), to get some of the most coveted, beauty products? In this post I will share with you my secret, expert beauty source for the very finest beauty products and advice.My secret online beauty source. This is the expert beauty resource you've been looking for.. Women over 40!

I can totally remember when the parisian facial spray, Evian  was first accessible in the US. I could only purchase it at finer department stores as a teen, and oh the status points of having that large spray can on my vanity table. I would faithfully mist my face, twice daily, with the coveted water from the south shores of Geneva. It was undeniable proof that I was completely a cutting edge trend setter as a teen. Thats right- I was setting my make-up, before setting your make up was a thing. (I still use it! Thankfully it comes in a purse size now. Rock on-Evian !)Expert Beauty resource for women over 40!

Today, with so many sources bombarding me with what I MUST have in my beauty arsenal, and all of them tearing equally, at my hard earned dollars, I really needed a source that I could actually trust. Someone like a nice, big sister in the movies. A person who would not recoil in horror at my questions, maybe let me sample a few of her own, high end beauty products and also give me some much needed advice.

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Well- hold on- because I am about to let you in on my secret.

Online, Expert Beauty Source

Ayla Beauty

This is the online, expert beauty resource you've been searching for. Women over 40!
Image by Ayla Beauty

With a physical studio in San Francisco, this amazing team of beauty experts quite literally scour the globe for non-toxic beauty products THAT WORK. Its that last bit that really drew me in. Stuff that WORKS…. and also won’t hurt you. You’re speaking my language. When I refer to them as “experts”, I’m not kidding. Check the stats on these ladies here. Talk about a solid, line up of skin gurus! But thats not the best part. Can’t get to San Fran to get an appointment? No worries.

You guys-  YOU can do a skin consult with these amazing experts- ONLINE.

Get an online custom consultation

What- the-what? Its true. You just fill out the very detailed form with lots of space for you to go on and on and on about your issues. They will send you a personalized, custom sample kit of recommended products based on your answers. Your personal skincare consultant will also include specific directions and suggestions, personally written just for you. Got questions? They answer them……for real. You can also do what I envision Jennifer Aniston doing and just call them up on the phone! Y’all- they will do a consult over the phone!

High End Samples

They carry only the finest brands and you can feel confident when buying from them that the products that you receive will actually do what they’ve promised. As I’ve lamented said before, we here at Fresh Air and False Lashes are operating on a tight budget and I prefer quality over quantity. I completely trust this company and the personal service behind it. With every order you can choose to have them include other high end samples that you may be interested in. You can expect a personalized note explaining exactly how to use them as well.My secret, expert beauty resource. Women Over 40

When I was in Switzerland a few years ago, I was introduced to the Luzern brand through a sample I picked up in a small village. I was amazed at the they way this moisturizer made my skin feel. It was incredible. Of course, at the time, I was blissfully backpacking across the alps and didn’t think to stock up before going home to the US.

My secret, expert beauty resource found via Switzerland

When I got home, I went in search of this amazing, new-to-me miracle cream and landed at Ayla. *(Side note: Luzern has an exciting new line of products just out this spring! I am looking forward to giving these a try.)* Through Ayla, you can try all of the very best, skin care brands from around the world and find what is actually worth it for you personally. This is where I was introduced to the Parisian brand Biorecept. This brand has left me with my jaw on the floor. Completely stunned- which is a rare thing for me to say about any skin care product. I’ll be talking about that in a post coming up soon.

The take-a-way

So you get the idea- if you want skin care that actually does what it says, a team of highly educated skin experts at your disposal AND a chance to sample some of the finest products on the planet, without breaking the bank, go to Ayla Beauty. They are my online beauty secret and I love beauty resource for women over 40

Tell them Melissa @ Fresh Air and False Lashes sent you. (I’m kidding, don’t actually say that……we aren’t on a first name basis just yet, but they’ve probably noticed all the recent orders going to Utah and I’m stalking the founder, Dara Kennedy, like a boss, to find out about her own skin care routine. Which is not at all weird when you see how amazing her skin looks. Not at ALL weird.)

Ayla Beauty does have a referral program, so if you’d like to let them know how you found them, you can access them through my referral link—–> Here or enter my referral code 278432 at your sign up or your check out. Much appreciated!

Thanks for reading and commenting and sharing! If you do a consult, you won’t be disappointed and do come back here and let me know what you think of the service at my online beauty source!

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P.S.- With summer upon us (um- upon some of us- it snowed here this morning, check my Insta) if you are looking for a sunscreen, this is the only one you will ever need for your face and neck. Ah-MA-ZING. You can get it here——> Luzern Sunscreen

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Spring Fashion Denim Trends, for women over 40

I’ve been looking forward to doing a few posts on new spring fashion! The fashion gods have smiled upon us this spring by giving us some super cute styles that #1. Aren’t about emphasizing our midriffs and #2. Are easily adaptable to any age or style. I wanted to point out a few of my favorite spring fashion trends in the next few posts and how I intend to incorporate them into my spring wardrobe.

How to wear spring denim trends for women over 40
Spring Denim Trends! Photo by Vogue Blogs
Spring Fashion: Raw, Frayed and Fringe Denim

If it’s denim, and it has a hem- fray that thing!

I’m a jeans girl through and through and one of my all time favorite styles to wear is to mix and match the very casual with the very dressy. The frayed hem on a pair of jeans lends itself so well to this style as well as to loads of others. Jessica Booth did a fabulous post on the huge variety of ways to incorporate this style, check it out in its entirety HERE . I love this ultra casual, weekend look.

spring fashion trend ultra casual frayed denim
Photo from  and ASOS

Here are my 2 favorite looks with this trend.

First, I love pairing the frayed, straight leg denim with an awesome statement shoe. In Vogue blogs, The Devil Wears Zara they’ve dished all about the fray and the fringe. The styling in this picture just puts me over the moon. I LOVE the raw hem next to the luxe, velvety, rose colored block heel.frayed jeans spring fashion

Speaking of which- how about the return of the block heel this spring? This is great news for those of us who may shy away from teetering up on stilettos these days. A good sturdy heel a gal can really stand on… I’m all about it. Wether high or low, sandal or closed toe, the block heel is all over this spring.

My other favorite fray is the cropped, wide leg look. The very fashion savvy blogger Krystal at This Time Tomorrow has an awesome take on this trend. She’s paired it with an off the shoulder top and another statement shoe. I really love the length of these. I am seeing a lot of higher crops in the store and they hearken back to the culotte days of my private school youth. No amount of therapy will get me back into a pair of those, so the length below is absolutely perfect for me!

Spring Fashion trend alert! Cropped wide legged jeans.
Photo by Krystal at This Time Tomorrow

And guess what? This trend doesn’t even require buying a new pair of jeans! If you have a pair that you love, but that could use a little updating, check out The Bellezza Corner for a tutorial on how to cut and fray them yourself!

If I have to make a trip to NYC this this spring or summer, I promise you I will be sporting this look shown on Denim trends , (with a block heel, of course). That fringe! I love it! And look at that hi-lo cut!

Spring Fashion Frayed Denim
Photo by Denim Trends

Ready to upgrade your denim game? I’ve picked out a few of my favorites! Have you ever tried Joes jeans? Ah-MA-ZING. They are made of magic and they hold you in and smooth you out in all the right places. In my opinion, they literally make you look better when you slide them on, AND they are super comfortable!  If you are going to splurge on a pair, this is the brand I recommend. And I’ll tell you what- [ctt template=”8″ link=”ybv4k” via=”no” nofollow=”yes”]If there\’s a price that\’s too high for me to pay for a great looking pair of jeans, I haven\’t found it yet. Sistas- if they look good- I\’ll FIND the money![/ctt]Joe’s styling is always on point and they last forever. Side note: Joe’s jeans are also great for women who have trouble getting their jeans to fit through the waist. If your jeans typically gape at the waist, when they fit through the hip- this is the brand for you. 🙂

This post contains affiliate links. If you buy anything through these links, it helps me pay for this blog. Thanks!

A brand with a much kinder price point that is also great quality is Kut From the Cloth. I have several pair of these and I really love them! Great quality and great price. I like these because the distressing isn’t too over the top.

What do you think of the return of the high-rise waist jeans?  After years of muffin tops everywhere, I’m pretty jazzed about it. But a word of caution: if your jeans aren’t structured properly with some “lift” for your backside, they can leave you with the dreaded “mom butt”. Thankfully, if you add a top with the on trend, hi-lo hem, you can have the best of all worlds!!!

Spring Denim Recap

Whats in right now? Frayed, raw cut, fringe, wide leg, straight leg, cropped,flared, hi-lo hem, high waist, no waist, boy friend cut, two-toned, and  vintage.

Whats on it’s way out? super-skinnies, super stretch, jeggings, and low rise.

I can definitely live with that!

As always, one of the advantages to being over 40, is that we can wear whatever the heck we want and step out confidently- because we’re finally old enough not to care what other people think!

Do you live in your jeans? What’s your favorite brand ? Leave a comment below, and if you like this post, please share it. 🙂




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Your Over 40 Expert; The most truth you will ever read about being over 40.

In spite of the upcoming move, I have loads of things in the works to share with you! I have been scouring the planet, via the www, to find new and exciting things  that will REALLY make a difference for you over 40. I greet each new product, procedure and idea with an unmatched bitterness and skepticism, so a “find” is truly that…..a small miracle.the brutally honest (and hysterical) truth about being Over 40...and what you can do about it.

But lets get honest here. I feel like many of our physical struggles Over 40 are similar, so I try to focus on those. Any of these sound familiar?

  • Whats the BEST way to lose weight Over 40 and keep it off? (no BS tofu diet, either…..I won’t have it.)
  • What the hell is wrong with my face and why doesn’t my old makeup and skincare regimen work anymore?
  • Great. I’m blind now. What are my options in eye wear?
  • Tightening……I need tightening everywhere.
  • How can I dress in a somewhat current fashion, but hide……all of this.
  • My lashes are thinner, my brows are thinner, but OMG I feel like I need a full on face shave!
  • Arm flab and back fat…..the struggle is real.
  • Have I been frowning for the past 40 years straight? Whats up with that massive crevice between my eyes and what can I do about it?
  • How does one properly sport ones new turkey neck?
  • Jowls. I am getting honest to God jowls.
  • My ponytail is now as thick as it was when I was 3 years old. Is this normal?
  • My back hurts and I’ve begun answering to the name “Brittle Hips”.
  • What fresh new hell is this? My CLEAVAGE has wrinkles?
  • OMG- I pee when I run. (thanks kids)
  • Ummmm……….gray hair?
  • What the hell is contouring?.. And do I want it?
  • I don’t have the budget of a Kardashian, so what options are available for ME?
  • When did my breasts grow to the size of cantaloupes?……..And why are they trying to hurl themselves straight to the floor?
  • Bangs or Botox….that is the question. Also…. is there a Groupon for that?

Sistas, I feel your pain. Only a fellow comrade swimming in the Over 40 waters could have written the above, brutally honest (and hopefully humorous) list. I am making it my life’s mission to deal with these issues. I am not interested in being 20 something again…..I AM interested in meeting aging head on and dealing with it on my own terms. I want what WORKS.

I want to put out all the available anti aging options and in all the available budget categories.   I will be your curator. I will leave no stone unturned and no budgetary restrictions unaccounted for. We will crack the code on French women and their skin! Damn them and all their late night wine drinking, smoking and drop dead gorgeous skin.<shaking clenched fist to the sky> We will find the procedures and products worth your time and hard earned dollars.The site that's dishing all the dirt on Life Over 40!

I am up to the task. I’m an educated woman, but tell me a product will take 10 years off my face and waving my credit card,I’ll run down three elderly women and a small child in my dash to the register.

At Fresh Air and False Lashes we believe in the health benefits of the clean mountain air. We believe in sipping the finest gin martinis and for the love of all that is holy- lets find that miracle cream!

Mountains, Martinis and Miracle Creams 

Occasionally I am treated to special discounts and sneak peeks of certain products. The opinions of these products and procedures are my own and I will reserve the nitty gritty of that information for my wonderful subscribers, so sign up below. (Because y’all are awesome in allowing me to hit your inbox once in awhile, thank you!).

Here’s to being over 40 and not throwing in the towel!

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How to get the most amazingly soft lips!

Treat Beauty Lip Balms, I am completely obsessed. You can have soft lips again with the most deliciously minimal effort!soft lips over 40

I’ve told you before how dry the air is here in Colorado. This is wonderful for personal comfort. Who doesn’t love warm, dry sunshine all the time? But it’s not so wonderful for my skin…specifically my lips. I kid you not, we were ordering chap stick by the case out here. It was the only thing that kept my lips from looking like I had just hiked across a vast desert without a drop of water.

I have tried all of the popular lip products. The expensive stuff, as well as all natural ingredients all the way to the supposedly tried and true grocery store brands (Carmex anyone? yes- I was that desperate). They ALL failed in one way or another. And Chap stick only worked as a protectant if you kept reapplying continually (thus the bulk orders). The struggle was real friends.

[ctt template=”8″ link=”w09b2″ via=”no” ]Sensing my desperation, the lip gods smiled on me and convinced me to try the lip balm by Treat Beauty.[/ctt] From the moment I frantically tore open the package, I was intrigued. My first purchase was the jumbo sized sugar cookie scented balm. Oh my sweet goodness. Why is Smell-a-Vision not a thing yet?? Way to go science. Because these lip balms smell absolutely delicious. After sniffing my new jumbo stick about 10 times and saying “yum” repeatedly, I tried the balm on my dry, crusty lips.

Hooked. Ladies and gentleman, we’ve got ourselves a miracle cream here.

This is the stuff. It actually moisturizes your lips. It isn’t just protecting, it softens them instantly and continues to improve their appearance and texture the more you use it.

But wait- theres more.

They also make a lip scrub that I tried as well. Have you ever used a lip scrub? It typically involves scooping your fingers down inside a little jar of coarse goo, rubbing it on your lips and then getting it all back off again- hopefully with the dry skin too. Well hold the phone because Treat makes a lip scrub……in a STICK. Do you know whats in it? Umm….sugar. I got the marshmallow cream flavor  scent and it’s amazing. It is so convenient and delicious, I find myself using it daily.

*This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you buy from these links, I receive a small commission that helps me keep this blog. * 

I keep it at my vanity and use it in the mornings. Using the scrub plus the lip balm has worked so well and made my lips incredibly soft again! Soft lips! Like the lips of my youth! (Only with some added lines damnit. But thats a post for another day.)

The ingredients are all organic: coconut oil, Shea butter, beeswax, etc. And the product is made in the USA and is cruelty free.  Their byline says “Every Treat is made with ingredients so pure, you can eat them.” I may or may not have done this. Also, because of the moisturizing organic ingredients, if one were to, hypothetically speaking, go to bed without using your moisturizers and serums, you can just use this around your eyes as a moisturizer. You know……I mean- if you know anyone that lazy. Just keepin’ it real sistas.soft lips over 40

They sell for less than $14 at Treat Beauty and you can also get them through Amazon. The flavors are amazing: marshmallow cream, bubble gum, soft candy, peaches and cream, coconut cream, hot cocoa and more. Whats not to absolutely love?

The organic ingredients, cute packaging and good price point also make these great gifts. I sent some to my cutie pie- 8 year old niece Maisie, and she loves it.Treat Beauty organic lip balm

As for me, I am now working on hoarding all the flavors. I have one on my night stand, my vanity, in my car, in my purse and by the kitchen sink. If you want soft lips, this is your answer. And can we all just say a little prayer of thanks that in this day and age of high dollar procedures, this one is wonderfully inexpensive!

So, Treat yo’self! And enjoy your soft lips again.