I spent a considerable number of years as a personal trainer for women Over 40. I eventually moved away from that and let my credentials lapse, but it is still one of the things that I am the most passionate about. Somewhere around the age of 45, I began to… View Post

This post contains affiliate links. Have you heard of Sundance Catalog? I have been a HUGE fan of theirs ever since the first glossy pages arrived at my house in Virginia, 10+ years ago. As the story goes, Sundance Village here in Utah, began as a sort of artisan retreat.… View Post

For years I was a personal trainer and I would get questions like this a lot: “What are the best workout clothes over 40?” “What am *I* supposed to wear to workout?” It seems that there are LOADS of workout clothes for young girls with tight, toned arms and abs.… View Post

Camping in Utah *Scroll down if you’d like to go straight to the video.*  Exploring yet another part of the Uinta National Forest here in Utah. It’s hard to believe that just three weeks ago, we could not drive up this far, because the roads were still feet deep in… View Post

Since we are new here, we have been enjoying day trip hikes in Utah exploring around the Uinta National Forest area. There are still patches of snow , but the weather is glorious now and in the 60’s and 70’s up high. This week we headed beyond Mirror Lake and closer… View Post