Moving Forward: What To Expect On My Blog

In the middle of a pandemic and an election year here in the US….. We’d better buckle up, ladies! I wanted to take a moment to let you know what you can expect on these pages as we move forward. This blog is my platform and I want it to…

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My Morning Routine Over 50

I changed my morning routine over 50. Maybe it was the over abundance of stress. Covid, our daughter being in another country and unable to return home, my husbands recent heart attack, all of the financial pressure brought on by the lockdown. Or maybe it was just my age. Or…

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6 Ways to Boost Your Mood At Home

I really feel for the states who were told that their Stay at Home order is going to be extended. The strain on mental health in this situation is for real and I hope that everyone is doing their best to stay healthy both physically as well as mentally as…

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Healthy Snack Ideas

So, snacking has become a “thing” here in my house during this quarantine. I typically don’t keep snacks in the house and that’s been a big part of my “stay healthy” plan for years. But y’all……..boredom and munchies in lockdown is for real! I started out making bread. This was…

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Garmin Hybrid Fitness Watch

One of the things keeping me on track (read:”from going insane”) at the moment is fitness and I’m crediting my Garmin Hybrid Fitness Watch for getting me moving again in quarantine! If you’re struggling to move while in lockdown, read on because this may help you too! Like everyone else,…

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