Hiking ,backpacking and camping is what I like most. I LOVE getting to places that you can only get to on foot. I like getting off the beaten path and away from the hustle. I find that it helps me to refocus my energy on the people and things that are important to me. I sometimes let those very important people and things slip a bit in the business of everyday life, and hiking brings me back to center.

Yep. backpacking is my favorite.

Now. There are women in this world who can slog through just about any sort of endurance activity and come out on the other side looking like they stepped off the cover of an Athleta magazine. Rosy cheeked, tousled hair and bright eyes from all the activity….. Do you have a friend like that? I do. I pretty much hate her. But she’s my damned friend and I’m so blessed to know her. I actually  love her ridiculously perfect looking  natural self. IMG_5543

Lets get one thing straight. I’m not one of those women. And to give fair warning, this post is going to sound incredibly vain (shocker-I know). But in all seriousness, for ME – my level of enjoyment is very much tied to how pulled together I feel.

OMG. How awful is that? Is that awful?….. I don’t know. Don’t tell me.

Anyway, when I hike, I like to have a few things going on that definitely increase my level of enjoyment. I NEED proper gear. BUY the freakin gear people.It means the difference between enjoying yourself and hating ALL the nature.(As an aside, SURVIVAL comes into play here as well, so buy the gear.) Start with proper foot wear and build from there. There is another whole post or ten, waiting to be written on the gear, so we will just leave that right here for now.

For me personally, *I* also NEED my hair under some sort of control and I NEED my face to be…….what? ……..I don’t know…….. “appropriate”? ….“not scary”? I NEED to feel pulled together, even when I’m hiking.

IMG_5615So. Now that I have shared with you the depths to which my vanity actually reaches, lets not judge and lets move on to the actual makeup that I have found is the perfect solution. I can throw these items into my backpack and get on with my life!

Now, because I have to haul everything on my back, weight and size is of the utmost importance. If you don’t believe that, you haven’t done much backpacking and you will just have to trust me on this point.

Lets start from the base up, shall we? Here’s what I carry(picture below):

*Ponds facial wipes- Just a couple, in a zip lock bag. They scrunch down to nothing and they work great to remove sweat, grime and makeup after hiking for the day. It also feels amazing after a long hike.

*Moisturizer- I will typically use a Sephora sample for this. Weighs nothing and takes up zero room.

*Concealer- Cover FX, click stix. A.MAZING. So tiny and works SO well. I use it for my dark circles and any redness around my nose and cheeks (thank you old lady hormones- you’re awesome). And you can mix and match the products that go into the stick. Absolutely brilliant. Also the stick protects the cosmetic in your pack, so…win-win.


*Foundation/ bronzer-Bare Minerals. I use the travel sized pot and the tiny brush that comes with it. Bare Minerals stays on when you sweat and it won’t harm your skin.

*Eyelash curler- Yep.Thats right. I do. No judging. When you are in your 40’s your lashes become skimpier. They need help. Like, a LOT of help.

*Mascara- Right now I am loving the travel size of Benefit’s “Theyre Real”. It doesn’t come off when I sweat, and yet it doesn’t take too much effort to remove it with the Ponds facial wipe. The other thing I have used with great satisfaction is the polymer “tubes’ mascara from L’Oreal: “Double Extend Tubes Mascara”. This you apply at home and it just stays on. Seriously. It REALLY stays on and it REALLY makes your lashes long. The “tubes” slip off with warm water when you get back home. Love it. There are other “tubing” mascaras on the market, but this is the only brand that I have any experience with.977221-MLB20728845123_052016-Y

*I have a tiny mirror that weighs next to nothing. (Broken off of an old plastic make up compact) I never unpack it. It always just stays in my pack, along with a trave size hair brush, a few hair elastics and a beloved ball cap.

*And Chap-Stik. Must. Have. Chap-Stik. In Colorado I order it in bulk off of Amazon. The struggle is real out here people.

And thats it! These few items, keep me looking and feeling human and less barbarian-esque while I am out hiking. All the items together go into one ziploc bag and they weigh less than 5 oz!


Backpacking and make-up? Sure! Why the heck not?! I gotta be me people.