We aren’t waiting anymore! Before we dive into fitness, I have to tell you- we got the news that my husband got a brand new position and we will now be spending more time in the UK and Europe! Its all very exciting. Also I am petrified with about five million-… View Post

My first ever progress pictures! It is a little daunting to post “big”pictures of yourself, but what the heck? No one is perfect. Everyone slips and slides and has to pull themselves back up, so here is MY bit. I weigh exactly 129 lbs in both of these pictures. The… View Post

I noticed a few things while working out this week. First of all, it has been a LONG time since I have done this sort of volume in lifting! 4 sets of 15 on about 6 different exercises, working one body part each day, 6 days a week. The lifting… View Post

So, I shared some of my thoughts about becoming a fit, old lady here.  And then I shared with you my nutrition/work out plan as it was coming together here. And THEN I quickly realized some glaring mistakes in my program and it began to evolve here. I am about where I need to be… View Post

So, I’ve made some changes since my first shot at this plan. I fell for the “low cal and work out really hard” thing. For the Record: That never works.  I felt like crap for two weeks. My body was retaining more water than ever and it was just a… View Post