I noticed a few things while working out this week. First of all, it has been a LONG time since I have done this sort of volume in lifting! 4 sets of 15 on about 6 different exercises, working one body part each day, 6 days a week. The lifting… View Post

So, I shared some of my thoughts about becoming a fit, old lady here.  And then I shared with you my nutrition/work out plan as it was coming together here. And THEN I quickly realized some glaring mistakes in my program and it began to evolve here. I am about where I need to be… View Post

So, I’ve made some changes since my first shot at this plan. I fell for the “low cal and work out really hard” thing. For the Record: That never works.  I felt like crap for two weeks. My body was retaining more water than ever and it was just a… View Post

*** Edited: This ENTIRE plan has been updated. I screwed my own mind up on this one and set my calories Waaaaay too low for my goals (DON’T do that!). ANyway you can read the updated plan Here. But I wanted to leave this one here, to show myself how I’ve changed… View Post

So this year I turn 47. Forty. Freakin. Seven. So, let s talk fitness over 40, shall we?  Also this year, my body was like, “Hey- hold up there, girlfriend……you’re really get’n up there. Lets slow down that metabolism and start storing fat. Lets hang onto it right around your… View Post