As we were moving to Utah, I realized that my wardrobe¬†really needs some serious updating. I literally gave away over half of my stuff in a take- no- prisoners style purge. I know it was the right thing to do because, here I sit a month later and I haven’t… View Post

I am a fairly positive person by nature and I like to surround myself with things that I love. My happy things. These things don’t cost much, they are just simple things that I find pleasant to look at or use. The color pink is my jam. It always has… View Post

Remember when you had to go all the way to paris (or WISH you could), to get some of the most coveted, beauty products? In this post I will share with you my secret, expert beauty source for the very finest beauty products and advice. I can totally remember when… View Post

I’ve been looking forward to doing a few posts on new spring fashion! The fashion gods have smiled upon us this spring by giving us some super cute styles that #1. Aren’t about emphasizing our midriffs and #2. Are easily adaptable to any age or style. I wanted to point… View Post

In spite of the upcoming move, I have loads of things in the works to share with you! I have been scouring the planet, via the www, to find new and exciting things ¬†that will REALLY make a difference for you over 40. I greet each new product, procedure and… View Post