Treat Beauty Lip Balms, I am completely obsessed. You can have soft lips again with the most deliciously minimal effort! I’ve told you before how dry the air is here in Colorado. This is wonderful for personal comfort. Who doesn’t love warm, dry sunshine all the time? But it’s not so wonderful… View Post

After reading the glowing report from the beautiful- skinned blogger Amanda, over at The Bellezza Corner, I figured I should give Egyptian Magic a whirl. Honestly, with a name like “Egyptian Magic Skin Cream” how can ones curiosity not be piqued? I have been giving Egyptian Magic such a vigorous… View Post

If you are over 40, you may have noticed that your lashes, just aren’t what they used to be. I have had great lashes my whole life (thanks, dad). But after turning 40, I noticed that they started becoming shorter and lighter. Well awesome. In a previous post I told… View Post

I am  the self proclaimed queen of self tanners. Thanks to my mothers warning, I never fell for the orange dye of the antiquated “QT” brand, but I was in about 10th grade when Estee’ Lauder came out with the first actual “self tanner”. I was completely hooked. Mind you,… View Post

Introducing, What Works Wednesday! Every Wednesday, I will be featuring something that I have personally tried, that’s actually helpful and works to make my life easier. These features will be everything from products, to hacks, to tips, big and small ,that help me personally and that I believe are worth… View Post