Denim Shorts Over 40

I love cut-off denim shorts. I always have. I think they are the ultimate “American” staple and I just love the laid back look of a great pair of cut-off denim shorts!

As we age, shorts can get a little trickier, but with these few tips, denim shorts can look effortlessly chic at any age!

Denim Shorts Over 40

Get The Right Fit

If you get your denim shorts a little bit bigger than your normal size, this can really help you to look better proportioned in them. Nothing tight. The AGOLDE denim cut-offs are seriously unicorn shorts. They are pricey- but as soon as they’re on your body you’ll know why. The fit is amazing. I’ve seen them on every single body type and they ALWAYS look good. The shorts are designed so that they are longer in the back and they sort of “sit out” from your thighs, so they are never tight.

Denim Shorts Over 40

Pair Them With Wedges or Strappy Heels

If you’re not wearing cut-offs while mowing the yard then wear a dressy shoe! They don’t have to be HIGH heels, but a slightly elevated heel on your shoes will give you a longer, leaner look and make your denim cut-offs super stylish!

Style With Oversized/ Long Pieces

Adding oversized pieces with your denim cut-offs will add coverage as well as giving you another step in the long and lean department. I like to wear summer-weight cardigans or a breezy kimono with all of mine!

Denim Shorts Over 40

Find The Style You Love

There are some great cut-offs in all styles, lengths and price ranges this summer! These are some of my favorites and most of them are on sale right now!

Beauty Tip

As we age, aesthetic issues on our legs can make us not want to show them. From veins to scars, to cellulite- there are issues. My tip is to use this. I swear by it and whenever you see pictures of me in shorts or skirts, chances are about 100% that I’m wearing it. The tip is to buy a box of disposable gloves! Using your gloves, use only a dime-sized amount and blend, blend. Takes less than 5 minutes to apply. Let it dry completely before dressing. It makes your legs look great! And while it isn’t waterproof, it is water-resistant and works like a charm! I buy it and the gloves at Amazon.

Denim Shorts Over 40

Do you wear cut-offs?

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PSA- The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale will be open to everyone on Friday if you’re planning to shop it. You can see what all the fuss is about here.

Denim Shorts Over 40

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Thanks so much for sharing!


    • melissa
      July 19, 2019 / 9:12 am

      Thank you Nancy! I get so much wear out of this super thin cardi!
      ~Melissa xx

    • melissa
      July 19, 2019 / 9:13 am

      Thanks so much jennifer! So sweet!
      ~Melissa xx

  1. July 19, 2019 / 4:27 pm

    Is the longer pair the AE version? I’m wearing those right now…LOL Love them. My first denim shorts. I love the way you styled them with the cardigan. BTW…is your phone a remote by chance???😉If so, that’s awesome!!!! Happy weekend!!! XO

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