Recently, I have been thinking about the concept of exercise and how we as a culture, define it. The more that I think about it, the more I am inclined to think that maybe we have slipped a bit too far down the path of “scheduled” exercise. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE and look forward to my daily weight training. I love my morning yoga. And I love getting out for a good walk or a run. I literally have it scheduled in my to-do list each day. I MAKE the time for these things each week and it’s a small reprieve from the rest of my daily life.

 But what about the REST of the day? Far too often, the rest of the day for most of us Americans is spent seated. Seriously, have you ever stopped to calculate the percentage of your day that you spend SITTING on your arse? For most of us, I think it is far too much! 

 So, I have been rolling around ideas in my head to help clients and others who follow my sometimes disjointed ramblings, just MOVE.MORE. Throughout the day, every day. 

  I homeschool my son, so a lot of my day is spent sitting in the same room with him. He works. I work. We chit-chat. I teach. He reads and works some more. I read and work some more. In the afternoons he goes to baseball practice and I spend my time getting in my own work-out and doing all of the rest of the household stuff, talking to clients, etc. It is a good schedule and it works for us,, but I am definitely spending a large amount of time with my butt in a chair. So I am going to try a few things in the coming weeks to get us up and moving for a larger percentage of our day…..even if I have to schedule it in!

 Some ideas that pop into my head immediately are small spurts of yard work and  quick walks outside. I , all too, often, want to push-through my to-do list, instead of taking the time for quick breaks. I am curious to see how this goes for us. I am hopeful that not only will we remain on task, but perhaps taking these quick, “get-off-your-ass” breaks might just help us to come back to our tasks with renewed inspiration and energy! 

   So let the great experiment begin!  One doesn’t (and shouldn’t)  beat onesself into the ground to acheive fitness.  If one were to just focus on the concept of moving…..MORE and becoming truly ACTIVE, we might see a huge shift in the fitness of the average American. And wouldn’t THAT be something? 

 I’ll keep you posted. Hopefully my son and I won’t just scrap school and work altogether and end up happily wandering off with our backpacks here in Colorado. We’ll see how it goes!!

Just Keep Going!