My first ever progress pictures! It is a little daunting to post “big”pictures of yourself, but what the heck? No one is perfect. Everyone slips and slides and has to pull themselves back up, so here is MY bit. I weigh exactly 129 lbs in both of these pictures.

The picture on the left was taken in May (2016). The woman in that picture was under a tremendous amount of stress at the time, was in VA completing a long overdue PCS move to Colorado (We had been living in Colorado for 3+ years without our belongings……thank you oh most efficient government). She was eating much less that 1200 calories a day, probably less than 1000 some days, working out sporadically and performing mostly cardio. She took her vitamins and supplements maybe once a week if at all. She felt awful, wasn’t sleeping well at night and had zero energy each day. She doesn’t really know how she got this way, because she was INTENDING to be healthy. She had all the knowledge that she needed to be healthy,(she had been a personal trainer for crying out loud!) but the stress of life had crept up on her and piled up on her. ย Her clawing and scratching attempt at self preservation saw her good habits quickly being replaced with bad ones. ย Her body reacted to these new methods by slowing down and hanging on to EVERYTHING. All the stress, all the water, all the fat. It was depressing. Her clothes weren’t fitting for the first time!

the picture on the right is the woman that I recognize. That one feels like ME. That was taken last week. In June I began doing some crossfit style interval training with kettlebells. I tried to get back to eating properly and taking my vitamins but it had become all jumbled up in my head. Do I go low carb? Carb cycle? Go back to Paleo? I kept trying to think of which one made me feel good, had given me results in the past AND was maintainable long term. ย I still wasn’t feeling great.

Then 4 weeks ago, I started IIFYM. I just decided to trust the science. I calculated everything and started eating the fats, carbs and proteins that I needed to build muscle. I also started doing serious work outs in the gym. Lifting HARD for an hour at a time, focusing on one body part at a time, and doing very little cardio. My body responded almost immediately. I started sleeping great that very first week and that has continued. I am waking up rested again! Also, I dropped all of that awful puffy water weight. My “mom butt” is lifting, my shoulders and arms are getting some definition and I feel amazing! I still have body fat to lose(almost ALL in my torso. See how I am twisted around like that in the picture….you can’t see the fat can ya? See what I did there?). ย I will be recalculating my body fat percentage every 4 weeks. I am just trusting the process and moving forward.

I am connecting SO MANY dots about nutrition while I am doing this. I am completely amazed at how the body responds to the PROPER amounts of nutrients and resistance training. My body feels like a furnace. Because I am eating about every 3 hours, my digestive system is working over time, which has revved up my sluggish metabolism.(Also, I’ve noticed that I don’t have cold hands and feet anymore.)

So thats my first progress report! I will keep you posted how the next 4 weeks goes. I am currently twisting my husbands arm to agree to a new home gym. A smith machine would REALLY help the intensity of my work outs, so maybe I’ll have that by my next update. ๐Ÿ™‚ We will be traveling some as well, so I’ll be sure to fill you in on that!

The moral of this story so far is that you can build muscle and torch fat at any age. And 129 lbs can look completely different depending on whether it is mostly fat or mostly muscle!