Relief from Hot Flashes

I have been asked about the remedies for hot flashes quite a bit recently. This is a common frustration for women who are in peri-menopause or menopause. So I thought I’d dig deep and bring you the most common remedies for relief from hot flashes. This is not intended to…

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May Instagram Roundup

What the heck? How is it already the end of May?? I’m rounding up my favorite May Instagram looks so you can shop them all from one spot! It’s still been pretty chilly here in Colorado Springs, with spring taking it’s good ole sweet time to turn into those endless…

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The Best Drugstore Makeup for Women Over 40

Let’s face it. The drugstore makeup aisle is completely overwhelming. It’s so easy to STILL blow a ton of money on makeup that simply won’t work for mature skin! I thought I would make myself a guinea pig and try out a bunch of makeup from the drugstore and give…

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Workout Wear Over 40

I’m a firm believer that the proper work out wear can not only enhance your workout, but it can actually encourage you to get to the gym! I’ve purchased a lot of workout wear over the years and after the age of forty and beyond, I’ve noticed that I have…

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How to Look Younger and More Vibrant TODAY.

That title is a little misleading. I don’t know if “younger” is the right word, but I’m going with it. Let me explain: One of the main issues that I feel like I’m always fighting at my current age, is always looking tired. Even when I don’t FEEL tired, I…

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