The skinny on weight loss over 40; Four Changes for Success

Weight loss over 40 can be a huge challenge. If you have noticed that your mid section has suddenly become softer and that you seem to pack on pounds around your middle just LOOKING at a donut, you’re not crazy.  Lower estrogen levels are just one factor that is causing…

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Meal Prep!

Welcome back! It’s time for meal prep. Today I will walk you through the food prepping process that will keep you on track and barreling straight toward your fitness and weight loss goals this year! If you aren’t sure what I am talking about, you might want to start here,…

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What Worked Wednesday; Self Tanners

I am  the self proclaimed queen of self tanners. Thanks to my mothers warning, I never fell for the orange dye of the antiquated “QT” brand, but I was in about 10th grade when Estee’ Lauder came out with the first actual “self tanner”. I was completely hooked. Mind you,…

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Getting in Shape-Nailing the nutrition!

If you’ve been keeping up with the Getting in Shape posts, hopefully, you got inspired here and then you crunched your numbers and started getting organized here. Now you are ready to get on with grocery shopping and preparing for your week, so that you can stay on track and finally succeed…

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What Worked Wednesdays! OPI Infinite Shine Nail Polish

Introducing, What Works Wednesday! Every Wednesday, I will be featuring something that I have personally tried, that’s actually helpful and works to make my life easier. These features will be everything from products, to hacks, to tips, big and small ,that help me personally and that I believe are worth…

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