Camping and coffee and dogs

It has been super hot here in southern Colorado for the past few weeks. I have lived for most of my life,on the east coast, so you won’t find me complaining too much about the dry heat out here in Colorado, but the husband had a few days off so…

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The evolving workout and nutrition plan

So, I’ve made some changes since my first shot at this plan. I fell for the “low cal and work out really hard” thing. For the Record: That never works.  I felt like crap for two weeks. My body was retaining more water than ever and it was just a…

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Hiking ,backpacking and camping is what I like most. I LOVE getting to places that you can only get to on foot. I like getting off the beaten path and away from the hustle. I find that it helps me to refocus my energy on the people and things that…

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Travel make-up for airline travel.

I told you all about how I pack my carry on and my in flight outfit. Now I MUST tell you about my travel makeup! Holy COW. The secrets that I am about to share with you have been learned over many years. Mistakes have been made. Bags have been…

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Off to Scotland! How I pack for travel.

How to fly economy Over the years, I have developed a “go to” flight outfit, that works well for me. I typically fly in economy, so comfort is priority, but I see no reason to arrive at my destination looking like a crumpled mess, either!  I always fly in my…

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