Flannel Outfit Ideas

My adoration for all things flannel has been caused by a few things: 1. I’ve lived in some really cold places (like here and here) and 2. It really never goes out of style! So for a casual outfit girl, flannel ticks a lot of boxes for me. I wanted…

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Mental Focus Over 50

This is a sponsored post by Percepta®, but all opinions are my own. At 50, combating energy levels and focus are some of my top priorities (because age just keeps on giving, doesn’t it?). I don’t know if it was from hormones or stress or age- or all of the above,…

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Thanksgiving Thoughts

I love this time of year. November is the real kick-off for the holiday season! I like to use this month to really focus on what I’m grateful for. I know that we should practice that all year long, but let’s face it- life gets busy and we get sidetracked!…

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Dehydration Over 40

As we get older we are more prone to dehydration and it’s probably a much bigger deal than you think. In fact, statistics say that 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. 75%! Studies show that even though Americans drink some form of technically hydrating beverages each day, they also drink…

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Skincare over 50; What’s Working

I turned 50 a few months ago and I wanted to do an updated post on my current skincare routine and what’s been working for me. I’ve swapped out some things and I’ve added a few new products to my lineup and I have to say- I’m pleased with the…

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