I have lived in Montana for exactly one month. We have been to a lot of places on this globe and this state is so different from anywhere I have ever been. I am very new here still, but it has drawn me in completely.

Life in Montana

The complete wildness of the state is unlike anywhere I have ever lived. Literally, where I live belongs to the wilderness. WE are the outsiders sitting in the midst of it. Even the behavior of the animals is different – almost an aloofness to our presence.

life in Montana

When we lived in the mountains of Colorado, we had many run-ins with bears and our neighbors had a few encounters with mountain lions. Here in Montana, the likelihood of those sorts of encounters is much greater. You don’t go walk your dog in the woods here, for sure! And when Winston and I go on our walks down our quiet road, I always have my gun or bear spray with me- ’cause that’s life in Montana!

Life in Montana

It’s part of this untamed wildness that makes me feel alive and so blessed to be living here. I am completely drawn out into nature every day. I couldn’t stay inside even if I wanted to- it’s just too beautiful.

Life in Montana

Even as I sit here writing this, the view of the mountains outside my window has changed so much. The sun and the clouds are in constant motion and seem to play games as to what part of the view they will show next. It’s completely breathtaking.

life in Montana

The cold, grey days are taking some getting used to. The sun rises at 8 am and sometimes you only see it for a few minutes and then other mornings you don’t even really see it all. The sun sets at 5 pm and it is pitch black dark not long thereafter. My body struggles a bit with this lack of sunlight. I’m always wanting to go to bed SO early, lol! But when the sun DOES come out and you get a break in the clouds and see blue skies- oh my- no picture or painting could hold such beauty. And it’s these moments, among other things, that make me determined to figure out how to adjust to the grey days and the lack of sunshine here.

life in Montana

Every day that I have lived here so far, has taught me something new; about life……nature…..survival…..and more. As we prepare to spend our very first Christmas here, I want to share more of my life in Montana with you. I think it may be different than the way the majority of people in America live and I am beyond excited to be here living it.

Make no mistake that I am still battling my wrinkles and staying on top of my “not-aging-so-fast” game like a champ, so I’ll still have that content for you as I continue to plod that trail. But you can also expect to see more of my daily life in Montana and I hope that you love what you see. Because I am entranced by it all.

Have you ever visited Montana? What was your impression? Are you from here? Fill me in on what I need to know in the comments! Thank you for reading about my little slice o’life.

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