Workout Wear Over 40

I’m a firm believer that the proper work out wear can not only enhance your workout, but it can actually encourage you to get to the gym! I’ve purchased a lot of workout wear over the years and after the age of forty and beyond, I’ve noticed that I have…

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How to Look Younger and More Vibrant TODAY.

That title is a little misleading. I don’t know if “younger” is the right word, but I’m going with it. Let me explain: One of the main issues that I feel like I’m always fighting at my current age, is always looking tired. Even when I don’t FEEL tired, I…

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The Everything Romper

Is this a romper or a jumper? I have no idea, but I’m here to tell you it will go everywhere. It snowed again here in Colorado but I’m channeling my vacation vibes with this easy outfit. I picked this up last year at Nordstrom before a beach trip but…

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How To Start A Blog in 2019

The number one question I’m asked about is about how to start a blog. I thought that I’d try to lay it out here for anyone interested and that way I can just refer people to it when I’m asked because there truly is a steep (and potentially costly) learning…

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Fitness over 40- A Cautionary Tale.

This is my fourth and last weekly post about fitness over 40. If you missed the other three you can find them here: week 1, week 2 and week 3. And all the workouts are here. The fourth week actually went great. I was sore but feeling so much stronger…

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