So, I shared some of my thoughts about becoming a fit, old lady here.  And then I shared with you my nutrition/work out plan as it was coming together here. And THEN I quickly realized some glaring mistakes in my program and it began to evolve here. I am about where I need to be now, so heres what it looks like in real, every day life! This is for the next 4 weeks:

The whole goal right now is to build muscle. Muscle, Muscle, Muscle!!! It is so hard to do and the gains come so slowly, but my plan is dialed in now, to create optimum results for me, as long as I stick to it. My weight work outs are 6 days a week: 2 leg days, 2 back days, shoulder day, and arm day. They take at least an hour and are about 6 different exercises all 4 sets of 15. (Ummm…ow)Right now there are also three cardio days that last 20 minutes each: 1 steady state cardio (treadmill or bike) and 2 HIIT (I have been doing hill sprints because they don’t really require me to “think”. I sprint for 30 seconds, rest for 90 seconds and repeat until 20 minutes is up.

There are progressions to this plan (and it’s not one I made up, so if you are interested, ask in the comments and I will send you the link for purchase), so at the end of four weeks, new macro calculations are done, based on weight, etc. and the work outs change.

This plan works GREAT for my goals right now. I really want to see what kind of muscle shape I can build on this old lady frame, over approximately 12 weeks. I am learning SO MUCH about how the body responds to training and nutrition as we get older. Its all quite fascinating to a fitness geek,like myself.

One huge benefit that I noticed right away is I am sleeping like a log now! That was definitely not the case prior to eating and working out like this. My sleep was always interrupted and then hard to get back. I am waking up feeling much more rested and have a lot more energy. Image

There is nothing crazy or restrictive about the nutrition plan at all. Calculating how many calories your body burns and also how much energy it expends on a daily basis, isn’t anything new and its worth doing to see if you are even in the right ballpark on the amount of food you are eating. The “If It Fits Your Macros” way of tracking, comes into play by allowing you to “plug in” your fats, protein and carbohydrates, ensuring that you are getting all of the proper nutrients your body needs in a day, without anyone giving you a strict meal plan or telling you any foods that are “off limits”, etc. I am eating 5-6 meals per day. I weigh and record everything (drinks, included) in My Fitness Pal, so that I KNOW I am staying on track with the goals I have set. (So far, Ive managed to fit my merlot in each night. <my family thanks you, Lord.>)

I am also drinking a gallon of water a day. I have a literal gallon jug, that I fill up in the morning and I’ve got to get it down before the end of the day. I find that easy to accomplish every day except my one Rest Day. The days that I work out, that water is GONE!

I do some meal prep each week so that I don’t get caught off guard. I still cook for my family each morning and night and we all eat the same thing…..just in different amounts. IMG_7465

For instance, this was our dinner the other night. Mexican skillet with ground beef and quinoa. The guys had a MUCH bigger portion and also added sour cream and cheese to theirs.

If I wasn’t going for some very specific goals, I wouldn’t be weighing and tracking everything, I would just be eating balanced meals and keeping my sugar intake low. SO, to be clear, all of this isn’t necessary for maintaining your current physique, this is to reach the goals I have set. And when I reach them, the maintaining phase will look much different, so don’t freak out on me and send me your hate mail about how restrictive this plan is. Hang with me……..wait until the end and then we’ll dish. Lets see how it goes.

So, thats it! Thanks for reading and I hope that this encourages you to stick with your own nutrition and work out goals that you’ve set. the hardest part is just trusting the process long enough to see results!



PS- What 5 month old puppy sleeps for approximately 20 hrs a day?! I kid you not, the dog cannot even be coaxed to so much as go on a walk, until the evening hours. Then he is extremely excited for about 4 hours before resuming his slumber again. Life with a Saint Bernard!

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