Root Touch Up in Quarantine

Hi ladies! I’m getting a lot of questions about beauty related issues during our quarantine. I’ve been doing some research and product testing and I’ll be doing several posts answering your most requested beauty-related issues during our time of lockdown. Let’s start with root touch up! PSA: RESIST THE URGE TO COLOR AT HOME unless you’re a professional or that’s what you’ve been doing all along. These will never give you that “fresh from the salon” look, but they will get you through and trust me when I tell you that the “color correction” road is a long one, (longer than this quarantine!) so hang in there! This is a shoppable post.

hair root touch up in quarantine
Not salon- fresh by any means……….but I can live with it!

If you don’t color your hair, and you only need to cover up greys in your new growth, then the Loreal root touch up will get the job done. Just follow the directions on the can and this will get you through! (P.S. I’d grab these quickly because everyone’s hair s growing out during quarantine so the demand is great!)

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If like me, you have your hair colored and your root growth is both darker than your color AND grey, then Loreal might not work for you. There are 3 products that I’ve found that work really well and don’t damage your hair.

hair root touch up in quarantine

You may be familiar with Batiste as a dry shampoo. They also make it with a “hint of color”! I use the “brilliant blonde” shade and it works like a charm to cover both grays and my dark roots (which are becoming increasingly grey I’m noticing!). It also comes in several shades of brown.

If your root growth is VERY dark compared to your color, try one of these two options. Rootflage is a temporary colored powder that you apply with a fluffy brush to the root growth. It is buildable and washes out when you wash your hair. I used the shade “cool blonde” and it did a good job blending the root growth into my colored hair, as well as covering the greys.

hair root touch up in quarantine

The most pigmented of them all was the one by Sevich. This one is a small powder compact and it comes with a little sponge applicator. This one was easiest to apply and the deeper pigmented product covered the best of all three products. It also washes out in one wash. I used the shade “light blonde”.

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While all three products are good and will definitely help the dark root situation on any given day, I find myself reaching for the Batiste on the daily. They are all very easy to use and pretty much goof-proof. And to be honest- for such a small thing, they’ve really helped my attitude about this whole ordeal! The struggle is real and hats are all the rage right now!

hair root touch up in quarantine

In addition, if your hair could use some loving care I’d recommend trying Olaplex. I adore this brand for saving my locks! If you only get one product from them get the #3 hair masque. It does absolute wonders for repairing damaged hair. My “every wash” conditioner is the one from Amika. It’s also a masque and you will notice a difference after only one use. I’ll link all the products below.

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How are you coping with your hair in quarantine? Is it bothering you or are you unaffected by that sort of thing? I’d love to hear any tips that have been helping you with your hair or root touch up during quarantine!

hair root touch up in quarantine

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  1. Dolores
    April 11, 2020 / 2:35 pm

    I use the Olaplex # 3 usually once every 3-4 weeks to strengthen my hair. There is a man up hear close that does the thickening of the hair like you wrote about one time but my hair is so thin I am afraid to have it done and probably wouldn’t be able to afford it. I do really like the Olaplex # 3.

  2. April 13, 2020 / 9:54 pm

    Love the idea of the powder with the brush. I haven’t highlighted in about a year…nature is taking care of that for me. LOL

  3. April 17, 2020 / 10:30 am

    Great and advice and tips! Luckily I just dye my roots dark brown and have been doing this a while so I am use to. And next step will be cutting my own hair lol!

    Allie of

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