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Skin Care Over 40: From the Inside out!

If you saw Part 1 in this series on Skin Care Over 40, you have my current recommended skin care products for mature skin. You may think that those products are pricey. They are certainly not cheap, and for me personally, I purchased the line over time, after first trying the samples of each product and seeing great results. If you’d like to do that see more info at the end of this post.

There is, however, more to good skin care than JUST purchasing quality products. The human body does amazing things on its own when nourished, hydrated and exercised properly. You can make MAJOR advances in the appearance of your skin, by tackling it from the inside out and spending very little $$.

I wanted to share with you some of the things that can make the biggest improvement in your over forty skin. From your skin’s texture, to getting that “glow” back , you can make great advances in the overall appearance of your skin, by implementing some simple things right from your kitchen. The tips that I’m sharing today are things that I am using myself and have had success with. I am really loving my skin these days and I’m finding myself going without makeup much more.

Skin Care Over 40; From the Inside out
A recent, untouched kitchen selfie after attempting and failing miserably at shooting some video for you people! At least my skin looks good!


If you implement any of these, please let me know what improvements you see in your own skin as well as your health in general. I love your comments and look forward to responding to them.


This one is a given and I know it’s pretty boring advice, but you need to drink water. A lot of it. You know the drill: at least 8 glasses. Thats a minimum. If you have been falling WAY short of this, then you will notice a nice change in your skin as soon as you adopt this practice for about a week. Your skin will actually LOOK hydrated and plumper than before. And while you’re at it, why not up your skin-boosting hydration, by adding in some fruit?  Strawberries, lemon, kiwi or berries all contain things like anti-oxidants, pectin and vitamin C which will are all GREAT for your skin.  My favorite way to do this is by starting my day with warm lemon water, and then keeping a pitcher of full of water with cut lemons (and sometimes strawberries) on the counter. I drink a pitcher a day.

Skin Care Over 40; From the Inside Out!


If you REALLY want to see a major change in your skin <and, ahem>,in your health in general, adopt an anti inflammatory diet. So many of the changes we see in our skin are less because of how old we are and more because of inflammation. Inflammation can come from many factors: stress, air pollutants, smoking, poor nutrition, external chemicals used on our skin, and even just being too rough in your cleaning routine!

Try packing your diet chock full of anti inflammatory foods for one week and you will be amazed at the changes in your skin. Like, seriously, AMAZED. Eat loads of cold water fish like salmon or halibut and add in as many varied, colorful vegetables as you can take. Use olive oil(low-to-medium heat) or coconut oil(high heat) for cooking. Drink all the water that we talked about above and add green tea to your day. Avoid sugary, starchy foods and those full of chemical preservatives. Stay away from processed “diet foods”.

Skin Care Over 40, From the Inside Out
Image from Forever Young, by Dr. Perricone

As Dr. Perricone has shown, even 3 days on a diet like this, will show visible improvements in your skin. I highly recommend this simple 3 day diet and/or the more detailed 28 day one  and I use it often when I need to jump start myself back into a good system or if I have an event coming up for which I want to look and feel my best.( See: resource links at the end of this post.)

Another great way to add anti inflammatory, skin boosting ingredients into your diet is by juicing. The Sirtfood Diet has a wonderful, nourishing juice that your skin will just love. Juicing can be a bit of a pain because of the clean up, but once you get into a groove, you will find that your body actually CRAVES that shot of nourishment. This one is particularly skin boosting due, not only the huge amount of greens. but also the lemon, apple, and matcha tea. Drink this in the AM or at your mid morning slump, and its like an energy shot! (See: resource links at the end of this post)Skin care Over 40: From the Inside Out!

The last thing I’ll mention here that I, personally have added to my diet, is collagen, in the form of bone broth. I have seen good improvement in the elasticity of my skin since beginning to consume a cup of bone broth each day.  I will save that for it’s own post and I am currently trying powdered collagen to see how I like that.


If you add movement to the above suggestions, you will boost not only your skins radiance, (because- you guessed it: exercise is also an anti-inflammatory) but some weight loss as well! Win-Win! Not to mention, you’ll FEEL amazing. If you are fairly sedentary right now- then just add a brisk 20-30 minute walk to your day. Whatever you can do to get your heart pumping and make you sweat a bit. Then just watch how your skin changes over even a short period of time.Skin Care Over 40, From the Inside Out!

These are my tips for getting great skin over forty. They require very little money and you will see amazing changes in the overall appearance of your skin. In my own experience, what I noticed the most was that my skin looked clear, more hydrated and I achieved that healthy glow that is so often lost after we turn forty. As I said above, I am excited to see where collagen takes me.

Stay tuned for Part 3 of this series on Skin Care Over 40, where I will offer tried and true alternative skin care products for those who may not want to shell out as much $$ but who still really want great skin again!

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