I’ve been looking forward to doing a few posts on new spring fashion! The fashion gods have smiled upon us this spring by giving us some super cute styles that #1. Aren’t about emphasizing our midriffs and #2. Are easily adaptable to any age or style. I wanted to point out a few of my favorite spring fashion trends in the next few posts and how I intend to incorporate them into my spring wardrobe.

How to wear spring denim trends for women over 40
Spring Denim Trends! Photo by Vogue Blogs
Spring Fashion: Raw, Frayed and Fringe Denim

If it’s denim, and it has a hem- fray that thing!

I’m a jeans girl through and through and one of my all time favorite styles to wear is to mix and match the very casual with the very dressy. The frayed hem on a pair of jeans lends itself so well to this style as well as to loads of others. Jessica Booth did a fabulous post on the huge variety of ways to incorporate this style, check it out in its entirety HERE . I love this ultra casual, weekend look.

spring fashion trend ultra casual frayed denim
Photo from Gurl.com  and ASOS

Here are my 2 favorite looks with this trend.

First, I love pairing the frayed, straight leg denim with an awesome statement shoe. In Vogue blogs, The Devil Wears Zara they’ve dished all about the fray and the fringe. The styling in this picture just puts me over the moon. I LOVE the raw hem next to the luxe, velvety, rose colored block heel.frayed jeans spring fashion

Speaking of which- how about the return of the block heel this spring? This is great news for those of us who may shy away from teetering up on stilettos these days. A good sturdy heel a gal can really stand on… I’m all about it. Wether high or low, sandal or closed toe, the block heel is all over this spring.

My other favorite fray is the cropped, wide leg look. The very fashion savvy blogger Krystal at This Time Tomorrow has an awesome take on this trend. She’s paired it with an off the shoulder top and another statement shoe. I really love the length of these. I am seeing a lot of higher crops in the store and they hearken back to the culotte days of my private school youth. No amount of therapy will get me back into a pair of those, so the length below is absolutely perfect for me!

Spring Fashion trend alert! Cropped wide legged jeans.
Photo by Krystal at This Time Tomorrow

And guess what? This trend doesn’t even require buying a new pair of jeans! If you have a pair that you love, but that could use a little updating, check out The Bellezza Corner for a tutorial on how to cut and fray them yourself!

If I have to make a trip to NYC this this spring or summer, I promise you I will be sporting this look shown on Denim trends , (with a block heel, of course). That fringe! I love it! And look at that hi-lo cut!

Spring Fashion Frayed Denim
Photo by Denim Trends

Ready to upgrade your denim game? I’ve picked out a few of my favorites! Have you ever tried Joes jeans? Ah-MA-ZING. They are made of magic and they hold you in and smooth you out in all the right places. In my opinion, they literally make you look better when you slide them on, AND they are super comfortable!  If you are going to splurge on a pair, this is the brand I recommend. And I’ll tell you what- [ctt template=”8″ link=”ybv4k” via=”no” nofollow=”yes”]If there\’s a price that\’s too high for me to pay for a great looking pair of jeans, I haven\’t found it yet. Sistas- if they look good- I\’ll FIND the money![/ctt]Joe’s styling is always on point and they last forever. Side note: Joe’s jeans are also great for women who have trouble getting their jeans to fit through the waist. If your jeans typically gape at the waist, when they fit through the hip- this is the brand for you. 🙂

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A brand with a much kinder price point that is also great quality is Kut From the Cloth. I have several pair of these and I really love them! Great quality and great price. I like these because the distressing isn’t too over the top.

What do you think of the return of the high-rise waist jeans?  After years of muffin tops everywhere, I’m pretty jazzed about it. But a word of caution: if your jeans aren’t structured properly with some “lift” for your backside, they can leave you with the dreaded “mom butt”. Thankfully, if you add a top with the on trend, hi-lo hem, you can have the best of all worlds!!!

Spring Denim Recap

Whats in right now? Frayed, raw cut, fringe, wide leg, straight leg, cropped,flared, hi-lo hem, high waist, no waist, boy friend cut, two-toned, and  vintage.

Whats on it’s way out? super-skinnies, super stretch, jeggings, and low rise.

I can definitely live with that!

As always, one of the advantages to being over 40, is that we can wear whatever the heck we want and step out confidently- because we’re finally old enough not to care what other people think!

Do you live in your jeans? What’s your favorite brand ? Leave a comment below, and if you like this post, please share it. 🙂




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