I have lived in Montana for exactly one month. We have been to a lot of places on this globe and this state is so different from anywhere I have ever been. I am very new here still, but it has drawn me in completely. The complete wildness of the… View Post

I’ve heard people discount the use of specific creams for the eye area as a scam. They say that you don’t need a special¬†cream for the skin around your eyes. My take on this is that these people are probably still basking in the glow of youth. They still feel… View Post

We’ve moved again! I am sitting here on the sofa looking out at the breathtaking mountains of Glacier National Park in Montana. Honestly, life has been such a whirlwind the past 30 days that I can scarcely take in all that has happened. Once we decided that Montana¬†was going to… View Post

My life is not boring. Nor is it predictable in any way. I mean it. None… But I’m rolling with it. Read on….. Our family has undergone some deep twists and turns this year and they haven’t stopped or even slowed down yet. We moved to Utah 6 months ago… View Post

Over the years, I’ve had a few good skin facials and I’ve also had facials that left me feeling like someone had rubbed a generic lotion around on my face for 20 minutes, wiped it off and sent me out the door. A GOOD facial will leave your skin positively… View Post