I’ve mentioned here before, that because of good genes I’ve always had pretty decent skin (thanks mom). I rarely did anything special to care for my skin in my youth. Number 1. Because I couldn’t afford the products that Vogue was talking about, and Number 2. Because my skin already… View Post

It’s our 27th Anniversary. So here’s a love story. Not the gushy kind- but the beautiful kind. The sacrificial kind. I don’t remember much from 27 years ago- but I definitely remember almost every. single. detail about my wedding day. I had gone to great lengths to pick the most… View Post

My Nordstrom haul. I have been shopping the Nordstrom sale like it was my job. I love to shop online instead of in the store. I am like an easily distracted puppy in a large department store these days, so I enjoy all of the shopping filters that Nordstrom has… View Post

Thanks for all of the kind comments on my last post.  That was a fun one to write and I broke a new record for views on my blog! Yay me! Are you guys shopping the big Nordstrom sale? SO. This sale is basically better than Christmas because the stuff on… View Post

I thought it would be fun to just share some things you may not know about me in my youth.  This was a fun list to write and I laughed out loud at myself more than once. So, here you go, 25 things about me in my youth. No judging:… View Post