*** Edited: This ENTIRE plan has been updated. I screwed my own mind up on this one and set my calories Waaaaay too low for my goals (DON’T do that!). ANyway you can read the updated planย Here.ย But I wanted to leave this one here, to show myself how I’ve changed and how my mind set has changed!


I promised to share with you my plan, so here it is! Drawn up by ‘moi using what I have learned in the fitness industry as well as what Ive learned about my own mind and body.

The nutrition component looks like this for now:

12-1400 calories a day in 4-5 meals a day.

40% carbs, 40% lean protein and 20% healthy fats

Keep my sugar intake to a minimum. No processed foods, sodas, etc.

Drink 1 gallon of water each day. (I like to fill up a gallon jug so I KNOW I get it all in during the day.)

For now, I can still have some red wine at night, but it still counts in my calorie total. If this cuts into my progressโ€ฆโ€ฆ.it’s got to go. (Noooooooooo!)

Every so often I will blog an entire day of eating, so you can see how I spread it out and what it looks like. I will also be adding back in my vitamins and supplements, but I’ll write about those another time.

The exercise component looks like this right now:

7 days a week: 20 min. fasted cardio before breakfast. (stationary bike)

5 days a week- weight training (about 45 min per day)

6 days a week- 20 min. PM cardio (treadmill or outdoor run)

And also at least SOME yoga. #yogaeverydamnday

Thats it! I will let you know at the end of each blog post (and on Facebook), what my work out was for the day. This is the plan for now. But successful fitness plans have to change over time, so we will see how things look in about 8 weeks and see what changes need to be made. I will also periodically post my stats. Follow along with me if you want to!!!