It has been super hot here in southern Colorado for the past few weeks. I have lived for most of my life,on the east coast, so you won’t find me complaining too much about the dry heat out here in Colorado, but the husband had a few days off so we thought we would take the dog and head for the mountains in search of cooler temps. We camp and backpack quite a bit, so we were also excited to take our Saint puppy, Winston, on his first tent camping excursion!

We found our slice of heaven for the weekend. One of the great things about Colorado is that you can really get away and not see another should if you want to. Even on a summer weekend.


camping in Colorado

Winston was pretty jazzed to hop out of the car and find the temps in the 50s and nothing but wide open space and the ground littered with elk poop. Pretty much a dogs dream vacation.

Oh- and he actually did amazingly well in the tent! We have a two man backpacking tent,so…….it’s SMALL. Like……REALLY small.Like- it weighs less than 4 lbs. images

This is what it looks like. It’s the Big Agnes Rattlesnake 2 Mountain Glo and we freakin’ LOVE IT. Its got those cool little lights sewn into the tent itself. SO posh.

We spread out a towel on the ground inside the tiny vestibule of the tent for Winnie and he curled right up and was out. Except for one unexpected foray crawling INSIDE the tent…….on top of us, he did great. I guess he just wanted to check it out. After that he spent the rest of the night sprawled half in and half out of the vestibule. So- this dog will  camp. And- HEY-Big Agnes , if you were wondering if a Saint Bernard can fit in your 2 man tent, the answer is YES.

Sort of.

But I have to tell you about my A-MAZING coffee find on this trip!

A while back I got a subscription for my husband to Cairn. Have you seen this yet?(If you sign up through the links in this post, we get points on our account that we can use for more free outdoor swag). If you are an outdoor enthusiast, this is the best $25 bucks a month you will ever spend. We have gotten SO MANY great products in these boxes! I’m not a big subscription girl (In fact, this is my only one) but this has been a great deal.  I always take any of the food and drink items out of the Cairn box and stow them with our camping gear so that on our next outing, we can try them out. This time around, one of the things we tried was this coffee by Little Red Wagon. Before I tell you about this coffee, you should know a few things about myself: 1.I freakin’ LOVE coffee and 2.I’m all about convenience and efficiency. If its too complicated…..I’m out. So personally, I have found it really hard to beat the convenience of the Starbucks VIA instant packets, when backpacking. I’ve never thought that Starbucks had a decent cup ‘o  plain joe, but the little packets are super small and light weight and it DOES taste like it was brewed.

BUT- hold. the. phone. Enter  GEO. My life has been changed forever. Never again will I have to settle for swill when backpacking. This little packet produced the best pour-over coffee I’ve had the pleasure to sip. Pure. Genius.

Here is the packet:camping in colorado

I already had my doubts, because lets face it. Its early. AND the sun is coming up in a hurry and I need my coffee stat. Because thats what you DO when you’re camping. You have your steaming coffee and watch the sun rise. You have to.

Anyway, as soon as I opened the packet, I was immediately intrigued. The folks at Little Red Wagon created this amazing little contraption that stretches to fit over your cup. It was uncomplicated and the little cardboard holder was also surprisingly sturdy.

camping in colorado
Wut? Tell me more……(And omg. YES. We are all hooked on the creamer. Don’t judge.)

This next part made me nervous, but it worked like a charm. You literally just tear open the filter bag along the perforated line. This also was really well done, because it came off in a snap, no problem. So NOW THIS is what it looked like: camping in colorado

All that was left was to add water from my little Jet Boil. Seriously. Pour- over coffee……on the trail. And the taste. The taste was like sweet love in a mug. camping in Colorado

So, we are ordering a bunch of these babies and our lives will never be the same. We are different people. Better, somehow. Because thats what good coffee does. It makes us better. And if there is anything more relaxing than the picture below, I don’t know what it would be. I missed the actual sunrise with my coffee, but I saw an elk herd making its way across, so I was instantly gratified. I want to go back

camping in colorado

So, there you have it! Great coffee, great views, great dog. Doesn’t get much better than that.

camping in Colorado