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You don’t have to go out on Valentines Day to make it a special day. Here are some simple, inexpensive ideas to help you create a special Valentines Day at home.

Fresh Flowers

Trader Joes or your local grocer will be filled with fresh flowers at this time of year. There is nothing better to add a touch of beauty to your home at Valentines Day or ANY day, than a bouquet of fresh flowers. Take a moment to arrange them in a few different sized vases and place them in different rooms of the house for an instant refresh and a nice Valentines Day treat! You can also have a bouquet of farm fresh flowers delivered right to your door (or for a friend) each month through Bouqs. (For my mom’s birthday last year I gave my mom fresh flowers to be delivered every month for a year and she LOVES this!)

Valentines Day Charcuterie Board

Valentines Day at home. Simple ideas to create a special day.

A charcuterie board is welcome any time and with just a few little additions it can quickly become a Valentines Day charcuterie! I got the idea to cut the heart from the middle of the brie from Suzanne at Crazy Blonde life blog. Such a clever idea! It was easy to cut out the heart and then fill the middle with strawberry preserves. The other things I added to give it more of a Valentines Day theme were chocolate hearts, dried cranberries and strawberries. It’s tasteful without being over the top and everyone loves it!

My Valentines Day Charcuterie Board

  • Large wheel of brie (cut out center in heart shape, fill w/ strawberry preserves)
  • sliced andouille sausage
  • rolled cranberry chevre
  • gourmet marinated olives
  • Hersheys heart chocolates, unwrapped
  • bread sticks
  • almonds
  • pecans
  • dried cranberries
  • butter crisp crackers
  • rosemary and sea salt almond flour crackers
  • Strawberries

Valentines Day Movie Night

This one is so easy and it works for a romantic night IN or for the whole family! Plan a movie and make this delicious and addicting Valentines Day popcorn. Add a bottle of wine, the fireplace and the remote control and you’re all set for a nice Valentines Day evening at home. We’ve been enjoying our Wine subscription from Winc. It feels like such a luxury to have wines delivered straight to our door. With Winc, both the selection and price has been exceptional.

Valentines Day Popcorn

2 bags microwave popcorn, popped. (I like the homestyle salted)

Valentines Day M&M’s

1 bag White Chocolate chips (melted in microwave)

Red food coloring

Valentines Day Heart Sprinkles

Red sugar

Lay wax paper on 2 sheet pans and spread with popcorn. Sprinkle generously with Valentine M&Ms. Add 1 drop of red food coloring to the melted white chocolate and stir to create pink chocolate. Drizzle popcorn generously with pink chocolate. Immediately add Valentines Day Heart Sprinkles and then red sugar. Wait about 30 min until the chocolate hardens and place into containers of your choice. I love these vintage looking popcorn containers.

I hope that you enjoyed these ideas for a simple Valentines Day at home! Are you dining out for Valentines Day or keeping it simple at home this year? If you’re looking for the perfect dinner to prepare for a lovely Valentines Day meal, you can read our hands down favorite here.!

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