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I was trying to decide what to make for dinner tonight, so I went straight to the great recipe wizard that is Pinterest and I came across Lazy Cat Kitchen. I LOVE this site! She understands spices and powerful flavors and keeps an eye toward plant based nutrition. But she also seems to understand that we don’t all have unlimited time and money. I am really digging her site, and tonight we tried the very first recipe from it and was it ever a hit!


We made this Pumpkin Coconut Curry and I immediately felt like I should be on a cooking show. It was THAT good. I felt like such a professional, combining the spices for this meal. I could picture myself on my own show, using proper cookery terms and whipping up this amazing curry. The whole thing took less than 45 minutes and it will definitely be made again. And if it was THIS good tonight- imagine how tasty it will be for lunch tomorrow!

To bring myself back down to reality. MY reality. I thought about my wine pairing for this meal and realized , rather quickly,that I don’t have a wine cellar. I also realized that I don’t “pair” wines, unless its for a plan ahead dinner, so I’m keepin’ it real here for you and telling you that Black Box Merlot does indeed pair well with the curry! bbw3-e1378532055945 Here at Fresh Air and False Lashes, we do not judge, so ENJOY and be sure to check out Lazy Cat Kitchen.