p things that made my Over 40 life easierI am SO ready for the New Year! 2016 has been a tough one and I am already smelling the winds of change in the air! Bring it. However, before I shut the door completely on 2016, I want to tell you about some things that actually DID make my Over 40 life better this year. It doesn’t seem right to close out the year without sharing them with you.

Lash Extensions

I wrote about these here and I still stand behind these beauties. I can never go back to lash curlers and mascara. Imagine, waking up to long lush lashes every day and never having to curl them or ever apply mascara again! These were a mega discovery for me this year. I am hopelessly addicted.

Lash Extensions for Over 40: things that made life easier
Lash extensions for Over 40.


Living in Colorado, this is a big one. The air out here is super dry with over 300 days of sunshine a year! This makes it a completely awesome place to live, but a completely terrible place for your dry skin. After searching high and low, I have been using this moisturizer from Paris all year. It is rich and luxurious and a tiny little bit goes a long way, which means the price tag isn’t as bad as it seems. It actually gives my over 40- dry skin, a “plumped up” look. I love it. If you are in the US, it can only be purchased here, at Ayla.

Lycoconfort by Bio Recept
by Biorecept. Photo by www.aylabeauty.com

Laura Mercier Photo Edition Foundation

I sang the praises of this find, here. It is heavily pigmented and silky, so a little goes a long way. One tube has lasted me the whole year, and even my cat rarely sees me without make-up, so thats saying something. It is formulated to reflect light,which really makes your skin look more youthful and radiant. So unless you have someone willing to follow you around with a photo-light reflector, I would highly suggest this foundation.

Laura Mercier for over 40
Photo at www.sephora.com laura Mercier Photo Edition Foundation

Clip-in Hair Extensions

Some days I just want long hair. Thats really all there is to it. Some days, long, flowing locks are exactly what is called for. Real, human hair, clip in extensions are easy to use and look completely natural when matched to your hair color. Want long hair today? By god, you can have it. Oh, what a time to be alive!

Hair Extensions over 40; made life easier in 2016
Hair Extensions! Because some days you just want long hair.

New Ways to Get Cash!

You can get the details here, but I was able to save enough to buy an airline ticket this year, just using these methods. Enough said.

Asymmetrical Hemlines

The fashion gods shined down on us in 2016 by allowing for soft, stretchy leggings and long asymmetrical hem lines on shirts, sweaters and tees. Pairing them with practically any shoe or boot you’d like to style them with! In a pair of flats, I felt like I was cheating and wearing my pajamas out. Oh, let us revel in this while it lasts.I am particularly digging Ivanka trump’s clothing line right now. There are truly classic, feminine pieces  that are “forgiving” in their design and cut. This brand “gets” the look of varied hem lines.

things that made life easier in 2016
The asymmetrical hemline. It’s a yes.


Warby Parker

Yep. It was time. 2016 was the year I HAD to get reading glasses. My grown children were beginning to snicker at me as I would try to extend my arm far enough to actually read something. Ah well, 20/20 my whole life. It was good run. But Warby Parker is ah-mazing.They have a try-on at home service so you can pick out your frames and have them sent to your house for free, while you drive your husband and everyone you know crazy pick out your perfect frames. Thereby making reading glasses, a new accessory and not so terrible!

Warby Parker made life easier in 2016
Warby Parker at-home try-on

Chicken Enchiladas

My friend Barbie made this for us one night and everyone loved it. Then Barbie, being the good person that she is, told me how incredibly easy this meal was to make and passed me the recipe. This super fast, super easy recipe is a life saver on those nights when you are struck with the “oh-good-lord-it’s-late-whats-for-dinner” fear. And because hungry family members aren’t very nice, there is this recipe.  It’s fast. It’s easy. It’s good. It has made my life easier on several occasions.


Sure- why not? Get a puppy. Get a BIG puppy. While I am not sure Winston has made life EASIER……he has definitely made it better a thousand times over. We love our big lug.

Saint Bernard Puppy: things that made life easier in 2016
Our saint puppy, Winston definitely made 2016 better!

How was your 2016? Did you find anything great this year that made your life easier? I’d love to hear about it! Thanks so much for reading, following, sharing and commenting!



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