My Nordstrom haul.

I have been shopping the Nordstrom sale like it was my job.

nordstrom haul

NORDSTROM - Shop the Anniversary Sale through August 6

I love to shop online instead of in the store. I am like an easily distracted puppy in a large department store these days, so I enjoy all of the shopping filters that Nordstrom has put in place.

I plan my shopping in advance and already have a good idea of what I am looking for before I sit down to my computer. I think this kind of sale is really great for filling in holes in your wardrobe and grabbing some staple pieces at a great price. The filters enable you to really narrow your choices down. For example- to shop the shoes you can narrow by type , color, size and even price. It makes it easy to see if there are any bangin’ deals on something you’ve been needing or wanting.

I thought I’d give you a heads up on what I think are the best parts of the sale as well as some of my actual Nordstrom haul.

    1. COATS AND JACKETS- there are a TON of coats and jackets of all types. Remember- this is this years merchandise, so after August 6th the prices will return to normal. If you need a coat or a jacket (including performance wear) of any kind, you should check it out. Here’s what I got:
      nordstrom haul   I’ve been wanting a moto jacket for pretty much forever and the look and price of this one was just too good to pass up. I’ve never been sure of styling this for myself, so I haven’t wanted to shell out major $$$ for a genuine leather one.Marked from $98 to $64 This is a perfect price point for an awesome looking jacket! I can’t wait to wear this this year!
    2. SHOES- There are also loads of shoes, boots and booties. There aren’t many athletic shoes, but just about every other shoe type is covered from sandals all the way to this years over-the-knee boots. I got these.
      nordstrom haulSomehow- I don’t own a pair of casual, black booties. They haven’t come in yet, so we will see if these will fit the bill. Admittedly- I rarely meet a fine shoe that I don’t like. These were marked from $150 down to $99 so I suspect they will find a coveted spot in my closet.
    3. JEANS AND PANTS- If you are planning on buying any jeans this year- you need to check out the sale. From high end brands to extremely affordable ones- the discounts are deep. The free returns policy makes it easy to buy several pair and then try them on at home. I bought these to fulfill the lack of black skinny jeans in my wardrobe.
      nordstrom haul I also found some white skinnies and a pair of white flares that I absolutely LOVE.
      I bought these leggings marked down from $54 to $35 for another great wardrobe staple.

nordstrom haul

    1. MAKEUP AND BEAUTY DEVICES- As I mentioned before, if you have been looking to buy any high end makeup or a high priced beauty device, you need to check this sale. I am super excited to give this baby a try at over $100 off!

nordstrom haulI also got this palette from Bobbi Brown that I am super excited about. I am no makeup snob, but Bobbi Brown always has beautiful shades that really seem to work for my age and skin tone, so fingers crossed that this is as great as it seems!
nordstrom haul With 12 eyeshadows, 2 blushes and 2 bronzers, this would be over $300 purchased separately. On sale now for $98 and it includes a gift with purchase.

  1. TOPS- There are a lot of tops and some good sweaters in this sale. For staple tees, definitely check this out. I got several solid v-neck tees for less than $15.  I feel like this sweater is a great bargain ($24) for a wardrobe staple so I got it in black and red ochre. (Obviously my wardrobe has been missing a lot of black lately! LOL)

nordstrom haul
The Not as Good

  1. I was disappointed that there wasn’t more cashmere in the sale. I am always looking for a good deal on cashmere and it is one of the very first thing I check in any sale.
  2. Jewelry- I didn’t find much in the way of jewelry that I was excited about.
  3. Handbags- There were a few discounted Kate Spade and Rebecca Minkoff bags and a few nice affordable totes that caught my eye- but overall, I didn’t think that there were a lot of handbags.
  4. Sunglasses- You can never have too many sunglasses! I am always looking for deep discounts on sunglasses. I would have loved to have seen more Quay brand on sale.

I am still browsing the sale, but I think I’ve done all the damage I’ll do. I’m looking forward to styling these pieces in future posts, so we will see what I come up with!

I did miss out on a pair of higher end jeans that I had my eye on- but they sold out fast!  Don’t forget that tomorrow the sale is open to everyone .

I’ve only talked about what *I* was shopping for- there are also discounts in mens, children, and housewares, so it’s worth a look see.
NORDSTROM - Shop the Anniversary Sale through August 6

Other posts I’m working on:  Drugstore Mascara Review, Topical Retinoids for Anti Aging and a new fashion post!

How do you shop big discount sales do you like to stock up on wardrobe staples or do you prefer to splurge on a single high end item?

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Until Next Time!