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Have you heard of Sundance Catalog? I have been a HUGE fan of theirs ever since the first glossy pages arrived at my house in Virginia, 10+ years ago. As the story goes, Sundance Village here in Utah, began as a sort of artisan retreat. They had a tiny gift shop where they would sell very unique items, clothing etc. People were constantly calling and writing the shop to request items that they had seen there, and so Sundance Catalog was born.

I love their clothes because to me they represent a grown up, confident style. I love how creative and laid back everything is. These fashionable, well made pieces always cut a lovely silhouette that makes me feel confident and comfortable.

The other great thing about Sundance is their pricing. They can be spendy at first, but they have THE BEST markdowns and their own outlet store.

Sundance, A pop of color for late summer.


The quality from this company is really top notch, so to grab something on a markdown, is really a steal! Definitely Shop Sundance Outlet & Get up to 50% off. If you follow my blog, you will undoubtedly see loads of pieces from Sundance! Their unique jewelry, handbags and shoes are well worth checking out.

This brings me to my outfit:Sundance; A pop of color for late summer.


I’m a little obsessed with this bright orange Tropical Sun Top. It is so light and cool, it’s almost gauzy ,so it’s perfect for this time of year. I am completely in love with the bright orange color. The bare shoulders (Whats the saying about shoulders never age?) and the belled sleeves keep the cool, laid back feel and I like the little wooden bead details on the straps and the tie. It is a little ruffly without looking over the top. I don’t typically like ruffles anymore. They tend to make me feel like an old woman trying to look like a little girl <cringe>, but I think these are rather perfect…… in an “almost ruffle’ sort of way.


Sundance; A pop of color for late Summer


I have a cami on underneath in the pictures, but I’m taking this to the beach with some loose, silky pants as a coverup for my swimsuit. At $20.99- um- yes, please.



These jeans were a pleasant surprise. Late to jump on the high-waisted bandwagon again, I gotta say- I LOVE these jeans! They are the perfect length, with just some very light distressing. I love, love, LOVE the below the knee wide flare!


Sundance; A pop of color for late summer.


But the comfort level of these is the real issue. These are now the most comfortable jeans I own! The high waist, means a little more support around the middle, so who am I to buck the trend? These Fade and Flare jeans are made by BlankNYC and were only $27.99 through the Sundance Outlet.


Sundance; A pop of late summer color


I like these little heeled sandals in the Inca print. They make my jeans the perfect length, but they’ll also look super cute with a pair of shorts.  These are made by Latigo and were marked down to less than $30 through the outlet.


Sundance; A pop of color in late summer


I’ve been wearing them for two days now, and they are soooo comfy with a nicely padded footbed and the  sturdy, on trend, block heel. You can’t tell from the photo, but they have a nude, leather ankle strap that will make them look amazing with my white shorts.


Sundance; A pop of color in late summer!


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What do you think of this outfit? Have you ever shopped Sundance?

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My blog needs a good camera so badly! I am currently saving up for one and taking a few photo classes, since I’ve been unable to convince anyone to follow me around with a camera and a large reflector. But, whatever- go me!

Until Next Time Lovelies!

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