It is my goal to try to make this little blog  a place where you will really want to come and spend some time. A little bright spot in your day. A few moments that you can look forward to , because you know when you come here you will be met briefly, with something helpful, without being bogged down in over- seriousness. I think our world suffers from too much unnecessary drama and I am on a mission to eliminate it! I want you to look forward to popping in, with a cup of coffee or tea and spending a few minutes with me. I want to write something that gives you a little smile or inspires you in some way or leaves you with an idea that you would like to try.

In doing so, I need the photos on here to draw you in to my style immediately upon your first click! I am not an overly serious person and I tend to write in a light hearted way. I like to laugh and I tend to see the world through a humorous lens. I needed photos that spoke to that vision.

I needed a professional.

Enter: the sister.


Yep. I just happen to have a sister who is a professional photographer. Like….a really good one. She is not a copier….she is a CREATOR. Its always original. AND she is incredibly skilled. The way she manipulates lighting……..OMG- she makes you instantly look younger and more vibrant-INSTANTLY- before editing. I’ve been trying for years to get her to follow me around daily and take pictures of me ,that look better than I actually do in real life. For some reason, she hasn’t really warmed to the idea yet, but dang that would be awesome, wouldn’t it?  You can see more about her incredible talent and artistry here at Elvisdog Productions.

I knew what needed to happen so I did what any loving sister would do: I begged…..I  pleaded…. I offered to giver her a pair of my shoes……and then I bought her a plane ticket to Colorado! She shipped out all of her cameras, lenses, lights and flashes and we set aside a day to create! (Yes. I’m lucky.)


I described to her what I was trying to convey with my photos: A woman over 40, who has real budgetary and time constraints, who doesn’t take herself too seriously, but who still wants to experience the best that life has to offer. A REAL woman………over 40……who isn’t ready to throw in the proverbial towel yet!

My sister took that vision and ran with it. Together we came up with an entire photo shoot dedicated to visually describing Fresh Air and False Lashes.



I can’t WAIT to get these pictures on here!  Viewing them from the back of the camera was excruciating because they were SO SO good, but I can’t have them until she finishes waving her wand over them.

Patience is really not my thing.

There were martini glasses, wine bottles, chickens, dogs……me-changing clothes in the middle of a field……oh- it was all quite the talk of my little neighborhood out here in the mountains.


I hope that you will hang with me while I get this little blog up and running. I hope you will look forward to coming here. And I just KNOW you’re going to LOVE the new facelift we have coming. The images here are the ones my daughter Savannah took with my phone to show a little behind-the-scenes from our day.

Thanks for stopping in and go and live your day like your sister is following you around taking gorgeous pictures of you.