Our youngest son had come home for a visit, so we went out for dinner last night. We wanted to try something new, since Colorado Springs has a wealth of dining options to offer in town. We like to make it a bit of an “event” for one night, when any of our kids, who are now all young adults, are home visiting. We find that it is easier to get everyone to one table for dinner if we have a reservation and can stretch out a long, leisurely meal.

Last night was our first time at MacKenzies Chop House and we were not disappointed!

Dining out in Colorado Springs

We arrived early for a cocktail and we were shown by the very attentive hostess to Macks Lounge. This is a gorgeous bar area with a wonderful mix of tall polished, dark wood tables and rough hewn stone walls and pillars to give a very English pub-like atmosphere. The bar staff was very friendly and attentive and the music gives it a laid back, speak-easy vibe. We ordered from the specialty drinks menu. I had a Blue Moon martini and my husband had a Manhattan with a twist. Our son and daughter who were with us, don’t drink  often and opted for soft drinks, (I don’t know how I am their mother.).



With our cocktails in hand, we were shown to our table in the dining area. This is a lovely juxtaposition between rustic and elegance, with the dim lighting being just right to keep the upscale pub-like atmosphere

imgres-1.jpg                            imgres.jpg

The menu is wide and varied with all sorts of creative offerings and flavor combinations. They have a “Fresh Sheet” with the daily specials. Our own choices ranged from Filet mignon, to the duck to the scallops. They were all equally fabulous and very well presented. I love to cook, so I adore going to eat somewhere that I couldn’t just go home and recreate the meal myself. This was one of those places. With interesting flavor combinations, textures and portions that were incredibly satisfying.

Amazingly tender seared duck breast , turnip and sweet potato hash, swiss chard and a Luxardo cherry sauce


Seared scallops, lobster and leek risotto,bacon-mushroom relish, lobster bordelaise.

We also ordered a bottle of wine from their extensive wine list. They have many choices for by the bottle or by the glass which I always find nice, since sometimes, I am the only one at my table drinking wine. This was quite good with the steaks that my husband and I ordered and one that I’m sure we will be returning to.

Image 15.jpg

We were having such a wonderful, leisurely dinner, that we decided to check out dessert. And wow- we were SO happy that we did. While my husband and I ordered a port and a cognac our kids both ordered the Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake- listen to this: “Warm spiced toffee pudding cake with salted caramel ice cream, toasted pecans and Grand Marnier-vanilla butterscotch sauce.” And Oh. My. Gosh. This is one of those desserts that will have you thinking about it the next day. It was amazing – and if the kids hadn’t agreed to share with us, I am quite sure there would have been a family brawl. We scarfed it down so fast, I didn’t get a photo, but I seriously  can’t recommend it highly enough.

So yay! We found yet another great dining establishment in Colorado Springs! They have half price martini nights, half off wines, and many other specials. They update their “Fresh Sheets” regularly, so be sure to check them out! We are definitely heading back soon.

Find them on Facebook here and check out their website here.

If you go, please let me know what you think! And I’ll take your left over dessert!