I thought it would be fun to just share some things you may not know about me in my youth.  This was a fun list to write and I laughed out loud at myself more than once. So, here you go, 25 things about me in my youth. No judging:

25 things you probably didn't know about me in my youth.
How I became the woman I am today.

25 Things About Me in My Youth.

  1. As a child I met the first Ronald McDonald clown. Somewhere there is an awkward photo of me at about 3 years old, standing in front of my dads office w/ Ronald McDonald. It was all a bewildering experience.
  2. While we were driving down the road, my cousin once rolled my head up in the new vehicle technology that was the automatic window. It was absolutely terrifying, as I had one arm out the window as well. He thought it was hysterical.
  3. I grew up on a farm. I know how drive a tractor, bale hay, string barbed wire, castrate hogs, hunt and fish.(And the stories here deserve a list all their own.)
  4. I wanted to be a veterinarian for YEARS- until I found out how much school I’d actually need to BE a veterinarian.
  5. When I was 10, I was mistaken for a boy (thank you Dorothy Hamill haircut). I also had a strong vocabulary of profanity that I had learned from my dad. After being caught swearing by my sister, my mom was disciplining me and asked where I had heard such language. “School”, I lied. Had she met dad?
  6. When I was 11 I was showing hogs for 4-H. I was winning blue ribbons and basking in all the fame and glory that *IS* hog competition, when I was again mistaken for a boy. *This was a turning point in my life and somewhere in the next 2 years, I discovered fashion and makeup and I never looked back.*
  7. Most of my growing up years, when not on the farm, I could be found in ballet and dance classes. My mom sent me to Charm School and I felt I had found my true self.
  8. I was in a fashion show in high school and came in second. The winner got to be on a magazine cover. Ever the gracious loser, I was confident that the entire contest was rigged and that the judges would lament their choice for the rest of their lives.
  9. I once successfully blocked 3 lanes of traffic while trying to make a turn in my parents Lincoln Town car.
  10. I traveled overseas when I was 15 and while in Israel, was proposed to by a boy on a donkey. After the translator explained, I eloquently replied, “Nah.”
  11. I chose to take a failing grade in Physical Education due to the hideous uniforms they insisted upon us wearing. Looking back- I stand solidly by that decision.
  12. As soon as I could drive, I would drive to our very “old south” country club in the summer and lay out by the pool. We had a pool at home… but people didn’t bring you food. Pool food- it all felt so posh.
  13. In high school, I once (or twice) caused our entire carpool (which I was driving) to be late for school because I had to stop at the tanning bed. I realize now, this was wrong. (Tanning beds will wreck your skin!)
  14. In spite of number 1. above, I never ate at a fast food restaurant until I went to college. My dad owned a restaurant and told me horror stories about fast food places.
  15. I had so many unpaid parking tickets in college that when my dad came to pay them, they had a special file cabinet just to hold mine. (I honestly didn’t think there were copies- it was a small school- so I would just throw them away as I got them.) No WAY was I ruining my good shoes walking all that way from the freshman parking lot. Still sorry, dad.
  16. In high school I landed my first job that wasn’t working for my family. It was in a small, upscale clothing boutique.I spent my entire first paycheck on the most perfect pair of Ray Bans. I then immediately opened a charge account and ended up charging more than I was making. Sorry again, dad.(I had a bangin’ wardrobe for my first year of college, though.)
  17. In spite of all of my teachers best efforts, I did not learn to calculate percentage until I got my first lay-a-way account. Got $5? No Melissa- You’ve got $50!!
  18. In college, when my parents came to visit. They saw that I had covered my entire desk in pink contact paper and had transformed it into a truly amazing, luxe vanity! I remember my dad saying, ” You DO know what that piece of furniture is actually for, right?”
  19. In college, I was invited to be a nanny for 6 months in France. I turned it down! To this day I have no idea why.
  20. I went on a missions trip in college and ignored the packing regulations. Subsequently, a very nice German boy carried my giant suitcase, strapped to his back, through 3 countries. Norbert, I remain forever in your debt.
  21. In college, I once voluntarily threw myself down a flight of stairs to avoid ripping a lovely, long, pleated Jones New York skirt that my heel was caught in.
  22. I once broke up with a boy in high school because his legs were skinny and summer (shorts season) was coming. I realize now, this was wrong. (I guess)
  23. I once dated brothers in the same year.  I realize now, this was wrong.
  24. I once dated roommates in the same year.  I realize now, this was wrong.
  25. I broke up with a boy in college because he had coffee breath. I realize now- actually, no- that was definitely the right thing.

There you are! A snapshot of my formative years. This was actually a super fun list to write. Of course I could write SO much more that happened after my youth. It seems my penchant for an unusual life of juxtapositions carries on to this day.

Do any of these resonate with you? Did any of them surprise you or make you laugh?

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