Since we are new here, we have been enjoying day trip hikes in Utah exploring around the Uinta National Forest area. There are still patches of snow , but the weather is glorious now and in the 60’s and 70’s up high. This week we headed beyond Mirror Lake and closer to Roosevelt, we pulled off the road, found some seclusion and were able to hike to a series of several lakes up in the Uinta’s.

Day Trip Hikes in Utah

Scroll down this page to go straight to the video to get a feel for this beautiful area.Day Trip Hiking in Utah w/ video; Fresh Air and False Lashes

Winston looks forward to our weekends as much as we do, and it’s a great chance to let him run around, find a bit of snow and swim. When we climb back into the car, he is seriously out cold before we can even get the car started! Saints are great at sleeping, lol.

Day Trip Hikes in Utah with video; Fresh Air and False Lashes

We typically head to the nearest town afterward and put our feet up on some patio for a relaxing meal and a cocktail. Not a bad weekend, no?

Day Trip Hikes in Utah with video; Fresh Air Fridays!

For our day trips, a few main things help to make it easy and relaxing: (I will link everything below.)

1. A Daypack. I have several. They are small, light and just big enough to carry some essentials like a snack, a water bottle, a leash, a ball cap and a portable charger for my phone. Hands free hiking is the best hiking. It only takes a second to throw in my items and we are out the door.

Day Trip Hiking in Utah with video; Fresh Air and False Lashes

2. Extra shoes. As I said, we take our time and will typically will stop for a bite to eat and a cocktail on our way home. I wear hiking boots or trail shoes, when I’m hiking, but I always throw a pair of extra flip flops in my bag. Utah is almost as casual as Colorado, so our laid back, comfy trail clothes are fine, but I like to slip on my flips after hiking. My hands down favorites are Havaianas. They go from beach to lake to dinner with ease around here. I pair them with dresses, jeans, and hiking pants and shorts- they go with everything casual. They are comfortable and they LAST FOREVER! They are so good, they have a cult-like following in Hollywood. They aren’t outrageously expensive and they come in a ton of great colors. Link Down Below.

3.Comfortable hiking clothes. This is a MUST. Don’t wear your jeans and just some sweatshirt and think you will have a good time. You will be uncomfortable and you’ll mutter very unkind things to whomever you are with. Wearing actual performance wear for the outdoors can mean the difference between having a fabulous, relaxing time and wondering why the hell nature hates you so much. These clothes are made with workhorse textiles. They move and stretch, they keep you cool and dry in summer and warm and dry in winter. The Columbia hiking pants are one of my finest purchases ever. These pants slip on without buttons or zips, they have a cool, bootleg design that makes them go with hiking boots OR casual shoes. They are water repellant, so if Winston gets me wet, the water just beads up and rolls right off. A single wet wipe over these babies and you are cleaned off and ready to head in for that cocktail! They have a single side zip pocket that is big enough for my phone, so I can keep in within quick reach. They pack down super small and come out unwrinkled.

If you are looking for comfortable outdoor pants that do more than just look good, I cannot recommend these highly enough! They are a summer weight, so in the winter I just add a silk base layer underneath them and I am still good to go. Columbia clothing is made ethically and responsibly so it’s a brand I can really get behind.Link Down Below.

Day Trip Hike In Utah with video; Fresh Air and False Lashes


Relax a minute and check out our Fresh Air Friday and this beautiful part of Utah:

Shop My Outdoor Essentials:

Columbia Womens Hiking Pants

ZOMAKE Day Pack for $15.99


Havaianas Flip Flops $18 


Alpine Double Walled Water Bottle $9.99

Salomon Ultra Light Hikers

Enerplex Power Bank Phone Charger $9.99

Let me know how you like these Fresh Air Fridays! I really enjoy sharing them with you. I hope that some of my tips will encourage you to get outside wherever you are and explore. There is something so relaxing for me, about getting away from people and just being alone in the outdoors for awhile. It helps me to just “be”. I love it so much! But ladies- whatever you are doing outside, wether it’s climbing Mt Everest or shopping your nearest outdoor market- having the appropriate clothing and shoes for your activity will greatly enhance your enjoyment!

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Dat trip hikes in Utah, Complete with Gear list! Fresh Air Fridays

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