I hope that my American readers had a very Happy Independence Day! It has become customary for us to text our good British friends on the 4th and make some sort of joke, to which they are always quick to reply something witty that usually includes the word “savages”. Damn I love the Brits.

Since this was our first time celebrating the 4th in this town, we weren’t sure what to expect. Well let me tell you- central Utah did not disappoint with the fireworks! We had a cook out here at home with burgers, dogs, macaroni and cheese and sautéed veggies. I made some lemon bread and a blackberry cobbler for dessert.  Pretty much standard fare for the 4th of July. Then we sipped wine and hung out on our deck that overlooks the valley and watched about 50 spectacular fireworks displays all at once! Amazing.

But lets get back to the Brits.

As I seek to learn more about the business of blogging, I have stumbled across some amazing bloggers who are over 40 and just killing it. If you aren’t following the Over 40 Collective– GO do it. No seriously, I’ll wait here while you check them out. (They aren’t all British so my above sentence doesn’t actually make complete sense- but they DO all live in the UK…or…. they HAVE lived in the UK……Actually, I don’t know- work with me here, they’re awesome.)

These ladies are so talented. They are creative and entertaining and the outfits they put together are just stunning. Incredibly inspiring. I have learned so much from looking back into their past posts when they first started blogging. In doing so, I also occasionally  stumble across some amazing brands that we may not be familiar with here in the US.

This is what happened when I read an older post by Lisa, The Sequinist. She wrote a post on the brand Neom Organics and specifically their Intensive Skin Treatment Candle. You can read it here. Now, I am not an easy sell- but I swear- as soon as I read her post I went straight to the web site of the  new- to- me, London based company. I drooled for a good long while over their beautiful, all organic products. Then, being a true American- I checked Amazon. Because- duh- 2 day shipping and as luck would have it they had the VERY candle and were ready to use their magical elves to get it into my mailbox in two days.

Neom Intensive Skin Treatment Candle

My Neom Intensive Skin Treatment Candle was sent from Beautyhabit on Amazon and this company sent everything well packaged, along with a few free samples and a little thank you note. Well done Beautyhabit, you definitely have a returning customer. DIY Luxury At Home Spa Treatment

It’s true that I have been known to exaggerate upon occasion, but this candle has changed my life. Or at least my skin. And the smell of my home. And my stress levels- so yeah- pretty much my life.

The candle comes beautifully packaged and the amazing, “Real Luxury” scent wafts from the box as soon as you open it.

But this candle isn’t wax. It LOOKS like wax. It burns like a normal candle. But no- this is a blend of pure essential oils like lavender, jasmine, Brazilian rosewood that are combined with nourishing ingredients like cocoa butter, almond oil and soybean oil. In. The. Candle.

 At Home Spa Treatment

Think you know how to use a candle? Think again, because this is an off the charts luxe, de-stressing, at home spa treatment.

You light the candle and let it burn for about 30 minutes. The scent is wonderful and not at all “perfumey”. The lavender is the scent that my nose picks up the most- so it is very calming. The candle melts into a warm, clear oil that pools on the top. You blow out the candle and let it sit for about 2 minutes to cool.DIY Luxury At Home Spa Treatment

THEN- you pour out this luxurious, warm oil and use it “over any part of the body in need of repair and rehydration.” The oils sink into your skin and the scent is warm and – well- “Real Luxury”. The scent stays on your skin for the better part of the day which means that the calming and de-stressing continues as well.

Draw a bath, light the candle, and then use the oils after your bath for the ultimate at-home spa treatment.

It’s a bit of splurge for a candle, but a damn good bargain if you think of it as several de-stressing, spa treatments. You’re welcome.

DIY At Home Spa Treatment

The Neom Organics Tag line?

“After all, you can’t look good if you don’t feel good.” 

Aaaaaannnnnnnd SOLD. Here’s the video:

If you fancy (thats British for: “if you would like”) treating yourself to a bit of luxury, I highly recommend the Neom Organics Intensive Skin Care Treatment Candle. My husband will be in London soon and I think I will suggest with great intensity, that he drop by Neom and perhaps purchase a gift for his lovely wife who could not accompany him on this trip.

Follow The Sequinist if you enjoy entertaining writing combined with fierce and creative style.  I highly recommend it.

Until Next Time!