How to fly economy

Over the years, I have developed a “go to” flight outfit, that works well for me. I typically fly in economy, so comfort is priority, but I see no reason to arrive at my destination looking like a crumpled mess, either!  I always fly in my most comfy, J Crew straight leg jeans, folded with a wide cuff at the bottom. I pair them with some sort of v-neck or scoop neck tee and add my my black cardigan.I wrap a wide, grey pashmina scarf around my neck loosely, and  wear a pair of comfy flats (most recently, a pair of grey suede, Cole Haan ballet flats, which proved to be perfect.).A big pair of black sunny’s completes the outfit.  I also stash a pair of leggings and a warm pair of socks into my carry on. When on a long haul flight, I change into my leggings on the plane, put on my socks and use the pashmina for a blanket (airline blankets are nasty.).

how to fly economy


Other items that I ALWAYS put in my carry-on:


alcohol wipes (I wipe down my arm rests and tray table upon being seated.)


ear plugs

ear buds

small makeup bag-( a whole separate post is required for the makeup bag!)



a large bottle of water (purchased AFTER I go through security)

hair brush

hair elastics

my small, leather, cross-body purse(containing cash,credit card and ID)



macbook air laptop

my Lush Evolution pillow (This thing takes up a ton of room, no matter how much I squish it down, but it means the differe

nce between sleep-or no sleep…so I always bring it!)


Reading Glasses- Yes. I am old now

.how to fly economy

In the front inside pocket,I carry my phone, passport, and boarding passes. Everything else is stowed in the center compartment except for my laptop which has its own dedicated sleeve inside.

Getting through security is a breeze with one bag. I don’t carry any liquids, so as I approach the security line, I place my watch into my bag. When I get to the table I just slip off my shoes and scarf and place them all into one bin with my bag. I place my laptop into a second bin BY IT’S SELF (But thanks TSA for yelling out those directions over and over anyway) , and I walk through. BOOM. I can quickly reassemble on the other side and I’m off to my gate.

After I get through security I purchase a giant bottle of water and any other items I might want. Usually that consists of some sort of snack like almonds and/or a fruit cup and a couple of brain candy magazines that I will just leave on the plane when I’m done, so I don’t have to haul them around.

My carry on leaves me with only one bag to carry (no snatching my luggage as I try to board because the flight is too full!), it fits under the seat in front of me for easy access to all of my stuff during the flight and no need to fight for a space in the overhead bin. The other plus to traveling with only one carry on, is that if you have a tight connection, you don’t have to wait for everyone to remove their bags from the overhead bin and you can get off the plane faster( yes- sometimes you have to cut in front!) and on to your connecting flight.

So thats how I do it. Maybe some of these things will help you out on your next flight. And while it has been working for me for quite awhile now, I am always open to tips that other folks have learned along the way. We’ve gotta help each other out on this travel biz, because we’ve got places to go!