We have a dog. He is pretty much the cutest dog ever. His name is Winston and he is a Saint Bernard puppy. We got him when he was 8 weeks old. Just look at him. Can you even handle the cuteness? IMG_6609.jpgSeriously, he’s turning us into those weird dog people. We take pictures of him all the time, we laugh at him like a bunch of idiots and we talk to him as if we expect him to answer us back. “Do you wanna go outside?” “Do you wanna go for a ride?” Really. We should be embarrassed, but apparently we aren’t because we continue this behavior right out in public. And don’t even THINK of taking him out in public if you don’t want to talk to strangers, because EVERYONE wants to meet Winston. I guess you don’t see many Saint Bernard pups around and he loves, loves all.the.people….loves them.

Fast forward to today. He is now 16weeks old. Look how much he has grown in 8 weeks!

Image 1

He is turning out to be such a great dog. His instincts are amazing and he just loves hanging out with his people. He senses danger and try’s to protect his family by removing them from danger, instead of attacking whatever he sees as a threat. They are such an interesting breed of dog! And even though he can be a little puppy-jerk sometimes, (I KNOW he knows to go OUTside to do his business. He KNOWS.), he has more than proved himself already this spring, by alerting us on several occasions that a bear was lurking nearby.

Yes, thats right. I live in black bear country. We have lived in this house for a year, and this spring, we are seeing at least one bear a day here. Bears are super smart and super stealth. They can creep right up on you and you won’t have heard a thing! They aren’t that dangerous unless you go around smelling like a rotisserie chicken or something, but if they smell food, they will go for it. Food is the sirens call that the bear CAN NOT resist. At least half of our nearest neighbors have had bears get into their houses. Soooo….thats not the most comforting thought. Call me crazy, but I really don’t want a bear in my house. We’ve been doing all.the. anti-bear things and learning to live in bear country as we go. And Winston is a good dog.


My youngest son Jackson took this picture. This guy LOVES our place. He has stood his ground with us more than once, showing very little fear. He made a fake charge at my son. Jackson snapped this pic, just before the bear came forward another step closer and Jackson shot his big ‘ole butt with non lethal buck shot. We are hoping that will shake him up a bit and give him back a healthy fear of humans. We LOVE seeing this big, magnificent creatures here! But not clawing and sniffing around my front door! Yikes!

*Fitness update- My first week sucked. I couldn’t get everyones schedules to jive with my work outs! I got in at least SOMETHING each day, and I did stick to my nutrition plan, but other than that it was discouraging. Now, I’m on a roll. Bike in the am, weights in the afternoon, and run in the pm. I’m sore as heck and while I don’t have all my stats for you yet, here are a few: Height 5’5″, weight 130.5. Which honestly, doesn’t look too bad on paper,and I am perfectly happy with that scale number. HOWEVER it’s my fat percentage thats the problem. SO. I’m working on it. More in-depth about all that later.

Cheers! (And watch out for the bears!)