This weeks “What Worked Wednesday” is about adding warm lemon water to my morning routine. I’ve been doing this for about 3 months now, and I’m never going back. It seriously improves how I feel in the morning. I feel more energetic and awake than I ever did drinking coffee.Adding warm lemon water to my morning routine

It has helped me to cut back on my morning coffee consumption. I love to have a cup of coffee around midday, but after drinking  several cups in the morning, and then another one around midday, I found that it was wreaking havoc on my energy levels as well as my overall mood. Drinking lemon water first thing in the morning has helped me to cut back to only one cup of coffee in the morning, freeing me up to still enjoy another cup later in the day, with no caffein backlash!adding lemon water to my morning routine

While I actually enjoy warm lemon water, it took me awhile to actually create the habit. My mornings were set in stone and if I got to the kitchen, I was already pouring that coffee before I could even think about the lemon water. So, I set out to disrupt myself in the mornings. I set up a little station in our master bath, right beside my vanity table. It has an electric kettle along with my tea cup and a few lemons. Its easy to hit the button on the kettle, squeeze some lemon into a cup and sip away while I am getting myself pulled together first thing in the morning.(I don’t even let the cat see me in the morning before I’ve at least got my hair tamed and the sleep look off my face. I can’t tell if she appreciates it. Cats don’t care about anything.) ¬†I love it when I can trick myself into a healthier habit. adding lemon water to my morning routineLater in the morning, I’ll get my coffee and head out the door to walk Winston.

Perhaps the biggest improvement I have experienced since starting the lemon water habit, is in my digestion. A notable difference. Which, in turn automatically improves my energy levels. As you sleep at night, your liver is doing double time to eliminate toxins and restore and regenerate your body. Drinking water first thing in the morning helps to be sure it can complete this process……. adding the lemon is a bonus.

A Few Benefits of Lemon Water
*Vitamin C, Potassium and magnesium

Drinking lemon water first thing in the morning gives your body a chance to absorb these minerals right away.

*Clearer skin

Due to the flushing effect, along with the Vitamin C absorption, it can lead to clearer skin.

*Help with weight loss

Studies show that after drinking 17 oz of water, metabolic rates increased by 30% and lasted for about 40 minutes. Now, thats no miracle weight loss drink, but what an easy thing to do to give yourself a boost!

If you have trouble with your adrenals or high cortisol levels, or if you’re just stressed to the max- try adding a few cups of warm lemon water to your routine first thing in the morning. This will definitely be a better alternative for you than caffeine in your system first thing in the morning! I think you will see a noticable difference.adding lemon water to my morning routine

Remember your liver- it’s been working all night long- throw it a bone and help it to finish that flush with a few cups of warm lemon water. It works.

Thanks for being here and for reading and sharing my posts! You guys are the best!

Ooo- I almost forgot- I’m trying a new lash procedure next week. I’ll be sure to give you all the details! I’m excited!!!