I like to do a little side hustling to make extra money. I don’t have a lot of time and I am quite literally the worlds WORST at anything that resembles clipping coupons, shopping sales, sending in rebates and such… The. WORST. I just can’t even.Women over 40-The Lazy Girls Guide to side cash

However, I do believe that every dollar counts and I have tried LOADS of different ways to keep enough extra spending money coming in that I can have some “Mad Money” for myself, (Helloooo?… Lash Extensions??) . Some things have worked and some things have been miserable failures.

I wanted to share with you my tried and true ways to make some side money without actually getting another job. They don’t require much time, hardly any commitment and best of all-they are easy .


This first one is kind of a given, but I try to sell on Craigslist every other week. I am always amazed at the money I can generate just by getting rid of things we don’t need any more. If I REALLY want to move some stuff fast, I will also list on Facebook sites within my local area.There are also some very clever apps out there now, for selling even faster. Check out Gone and Offerup. Never underestimate what you can make from selling your old stuff! It only takes a few minutes to list it, so go for it!


One of my all time favorite ways to get cash, is EBATES. If you shop online, you NEED to sign up for this. It gives you cash back rebates on items that you were going to shop for anyway. It is SO EASY. Just sign up and shop! I put the EBATES button on my browser to make it even easier. It alerts me every time there is a deal on any site that I might be shopping on. Literally, its just the click of a button. EBATES will mail you a check every few months with your pay out. I make about $600 a year with this, much of it from my Christmas shopping. Who doesn’t like getting a surprise check in the mail?! I can’t recommend this one enough. If you shop online and you aren’t signed up with EBATES, you are throwing money away.

This is my latest refund from them. I made this photo to post to my Facebook page.

Ebates- Are you signed up? Make extra money



For any in store shopping that I do, I use the app IBOTTA. This  cleverly designed app offers thousands of in-store rebates on products on your grocery list, including alcohol purchases. I make my grocery list, then quickly look at the app for deals on items I have on my list. When I come home, I scan the bar code on the product as I am putting away my groceries and then upload the receipt. (This app works REALLY well, so this always goes pretty seamlessly.) And BOOM! The money is paid out to your PayPal account! IBOTTA uses over 276 stores, restaurants and pharmacies and many of the rebates can be used in ANY store. I use it every single week, every single time I have to go to the store. There is no limit to what you can earn in rebates or referrals and IBOTTA has several other ways to earn. If you use THIS LINK TO IBOTTA to sign up, you will automatically get $10 when you redeem your first rebate. Without even trying hard, I make close to $25 per week using this app. If you wanted to work at this one, using referrals, making “teams”, etc. the income could be quite significant. It is an extremely well designed app.

User Testing

If you are good at explaining things aloud, you could sign up for User Testing. This is a company that pays you to look at web sites for their customers and perform various tasks, all the while speaking aloud as you do them. The goal is to help the customer to understand how they can improve their web site. the tests take 15-20 minutes and most pay $10 each. The work on this one fluctuates and I don’t always meet the requirements for every test. I just keep my browser open to the site, so that any time a test is available, I can do it. It’s easy money. This one also pays to your PayPal account.

The Source

The last thing that I use to generate a little side cash is being a “Field Agent” or mystery shopper for The Source. I know a lot of the mystery shopper gigs are scams, but this one is legit and they do pay out. Basically, after you register, you accept one of the assignments and then go to the specified store and complete the evaluation that is asked. I check this one whenever I am going to a store to shop. In my area, there are a lot of opportunities for these projects, so the work is almost always there if you want it and if I am going to the store anyway….why not? Each job pays differently and you will know how much before you accept the project. Its easy and you can do as much or as little as you want.

There you have it! These are the ways I make extra money. A few of these are referral links, so if you sign up, I get a little kick. 🙂  I hope that one or all of these can help you put some money back into your hands! If you have any questions about these or if you have a tried and true way to earn some side money, I’d love to hear it! Post in the comments.

Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing!