You KNOW that you are confident in your style when you come across a post you wrote in 2012 and you STILL want the coat! 

I am sitting in this lovely coffee shop/toy store/book store, and waiting for Jackson to finish up at Boy Scouts, so I thought that I would share my current non-emergency conundrum with you.

(I always like to keep a non-emergency problem in the recesses of my brain, so that when the REAL difficulties become more than I care to think about, I can switch off to my Non-ER problem, and still feel like I am solving something. Yes, it’s scary in there. In my brain.)

It all started with Pinterest.  I needed a break from the drudgery of paying bills and began to indulge in the glorious wonder that *IS* Pinterest, all the while keeping my “bill-paying face” on, so that the teens would suspect nothing. Nothing going on here, move along, just mom doing boring work stuff. Thats when I saw this:


And I blew my bill paying cover, by letting out an excited little scream, which NEVER coincides with bill paying…… Never.   I needed this. And I needed it badly.
I can think of so many occasions to wear this outfit. This is me. I LOVE this so much. I already own the jeans, the shirt and the sweater. I have a cool bag that would work, and I think there are many different shoe choices that would work here,  but I need the coat. I needed THAT coat. I was already dying for a leopard coat, so win-win. I had actually purchased one online awhile back, but when I got it, it was hideous( like….Oh-my-gosh-get-that-off-before-someone-sees-you-hideous. I sent it back.

So. Easy, right? Get that long, leopard coat and TA-DA! New outfit!

Well first of all, someone did not use correct Pinterest etiquette and link to the original web site where this lovely little drop of heaven came from. (Probably because they were so excited about the coat, I imagine.)

So I began the search…..(see above, for explanation on non-emergency problems in my world). I could not find this coat ANYWHERE. I looked at so many others, but they were either too bulky, too fluffy, too short, or just ridiculously cheap-looking. I couldn’t believe it. Here was the coat of my dreams (for now) and I couldn’t find it ANYWHERE. WHAT?  WHAT??  Where am I, some third world country? This is America people. A once-capitalist utopia. I want to BUY something and I can’t get it? It is UNAVAILABLE? WHAT?

Obviously, I was challenged. (Take that to mean whatever you want.)

So the search continued. And because I have an amazing memory for faces, or more likely, because I am weird and tend to obsess about things that don’t matter, I recognized the models face in another picture on Pinterest. Yes, thats right. I recognized the GIRL in the picture, in a completely different outfit. It was this picture:


And finally, the genius behind these outfits was revealed. The picture was linked back to the blog  Atlantic-Pacific. The lovely, Bee. A fashion merchandiser from San Fran who is going around with the wardrobe that I so desperately want.

So. Problem solved. Get the coat, right? Wrong. As it turns out the coat is by Malene Birger at $626.50. Welllllllll, that is just a teeeensy bit out of reach for a girl who got rid of her long distance to save a few bucks, ya know what I’m sayin’?

(Which incidentally, ditching my ability to reach out and touch someone was SO STUPID. I am quite sure that had that been allowed to continue, the therapy bills alone would have far outweighed any of the mere pennies saved on the phone bill. I just had it turned back on and balance is about to be restored.)

As I stated earlier, I searched for a cheaper version, to no avail.  so this brings us to my conundrum: Do you suppose that this same look could be achieved with, say, a stand-out colored, knee length broadcloth coat? Maybe something like this one from J Crew?


Or perhaps in a bright fiery orange?  And did I mention that coats are on sale right now? Like….everywhere?

So, what do you think?

I feel that, although I truly BELONG in the Malene Birger, I could make do with something else for the sake of the outfit. But what do you think? Is it the leopard print that MAKES it or the chic mix of slightly tattered and polished? If you like to drool over this sort of creativity and style, I highly recommend taking a gander at Bee’s blog where she pulls together outfits in all price ranges and styles. I dig it.