I told you that I would update you on ANY products or procedures that I, personally had tried, and felt like they were worth the splurge. Well, hold the phone, because in my opinion, lash extensions are the absolute BEST thing that you can do for your “Over 40” eyes, producing the biggest change, with the least amount of time and money. Go and get your beverage of choice, I’ll wait, because you are definitely going to want to know about this.

If you aren’t familiar with them, lash extensions are feather weight “lashes” glued onto your own. I KNOW! Crazy, right??!! I was at first skeptical and a little afraid of someone getting some sort of GLUE next to my eyeball. But after some research and then finding a good esthetician, I decided to take the plunge. And girlfriend, I am NEVER going back to my old, bald eyes!!!

lash extensions over 40

I mean, lets face it. The struggle is real. When you turn 40, your lashes start getting skimpier and for added glamour, mine also got lighter in color (WHY??!!). I was doing what I could with mascara. I do love mascara. Sometimes I would wear false eyelashes, which look fabulous when you get them on correctly, but the learning curve on those babies will have you cussing a blue streak and throwing your close up mirror into the nearest trash can.

So, whats a girl to do?  Answer: Lash Extensions!

lash extensions over 40

When you go in for your first appointment, your esthetician will will talk to you about the kind of look that you want. Dramatic? Natural? etc. She will show you pictures to help you decide on the length and the spacing so that you can get the desired look. Then you will lie back on their comfy table, with your neck supported. You will be fitted with under eye tapes, which feel odd, but not at all uncomfortable. Then, you close your eyes and relax, while your lash pro works her magic. Sooooooo, basically, you relax and can go to sleep for 2 hours and when you wake up, you have these beautiful, long, kitten lashes!

lash extensions over 40

It feels like someone is gently brushing your eyelashes with a spooly  brush for 2 hours. Lash naps…..they’re all the rage.

So, here is the nitty gritty that you need to know:

COST: In my area, it is pretty standard to pay $150 for your first full set. (Most places do specials and discounts for first timers, as well.) After a few weeks you will go and get a “Fill”, which will cost $40-$70

UPKEEP:  The extensions come out as you regularly shed your natural lashes, which is why they will need to be filled every 2-4 weeks, which varies by person. There is minimal care involved otherwise. Brush them with a spooly brush each morning and minimal cleansing if you don’t wear much eye makeup each day.

BENEFIT: You will never need to do your lashes again. You will wake up each morning with beautiful, full lashes. You will not feel them at all. Mascara is much heavier than lash extensions as far as the way it feels. They have a dramatic effect and in my opinion they are the best thing you can do to create the most noticeable difference, with the least amount of cash and time. My own eyes have just started to get the dreaded “hood”. The lash extensions are amazing at hiding that!

Here is a before and after of my own lashes. When I go back for my fill, I will have her begin to place my lashes less dramatically, to achieve a more natural look that is more in line with my personal make up style.

Lash extensions over 40

I will never go back! I adore waking up in the morning with lashes like this. Lash extensions over 40

What do you think? Have you had lash extensions? Would you consider them? What is your go-to Over 40 beauty splurge? I want to hear it in the comments!

** Many thanks to Kelly at Glistening Glory for keeping my lashes lovely!