Makeup for Women Over 40!I’ve been stalking Sephora and ULTA recently and have come away with some new favorites that are actually helpful for our Over 40 skin. Hair product reviews coming soon, but SPOILER ALERT: PHYTO from Paris is my favorite, hands down for hair care.Makeup Over 40, a reviewmakeup over 40, a review Today, I wanted to do a new makeup review of a few products that I have found helpful- as well as some that simply weren’t worth the money. Makeup Over 40 needs to do some double duty!

You’ve heard me laud the praises of Laura Mercier Silk Creme Photo Edition foundation here..

Laura Mercier for over 40
Photo at laura Mercier Photo Edition Foundation

I still stand behind this product for it’s amazing coverage and light enhancing properties. I did, however give Smashbox Studio Skin a try. makeup over 40, a reviewIt promises 15 hour, medium to full coverage. I did find that the wear was superior. But, for me, the coverage was too light and it didn’t really do much to help illuminate my skin. So, I’m sticking with the Mercier foundation.

I’ve been so happy with the foundation that I thought I would splurge for the Laura Mercier Candleglow Sheer Perfecting over 40, a review Its a pretty compact with several different shades available. I chose #3. I applied it with a powder brush. It is extremely subtle. Too subtle to be used as a bronzer and in fact, the color hardly shows at all. The illumination properties just aren’t that great, it doesn’t seem to catch the light the way that the Cover FX Perfect Highlighting Powder does. I will be sticking with this one. It is $34 at over 40, a review It gives a really nice,luminescent glow that catches the light. It looks very nice swept across the tops of the cheeks and down the bridge of the nose. To be honest, I have yet to be disappointed in any product from this company. Very high quality at a competitive price point for high end brands. The Laura Mercier Compact is pricey at $38. I really wanted to love it the way I love the foundation- but it’s probably going to be returned.

This next one, I found VERY helpful. This is Shadow Insurance from Two faced.
makeup over 40, areview
As I age, I find that the creasing of my eye makeup is definitely a thing to be reckoned with now. It’s awful, because I can remember seeing that on older women when I was young and thinking to myself, “Geeze lady…..take a sec and smooth out yer shadow.” Ah, youth. But now I am that lady. Me and my eye shadow creases. I’ve tried several different Eye shadow primers before and saw zero effect. At the end of the day, the creases were still there! Gah! But this stuff works. Just the tiniest drop of this silky creme applied to your lids and wallah!- your eye shadow stays put all day! No annoying little upstart-of-a-girl shall ever judge MY lids. No creases! Such a triumph! It’s $20 from Sephora.

The last product that I have found to be surprisingly helpful to me is this little $14 purchase from Sephora. It’s the Dry Revive Body over 40,a review

I am new to the concept of dry brushing, and honestly…it sounded like it might be painful. But rest easy chickens, it’s actually quite comfortable and has proven extremely beneficial to my dry skin. While the exfoliation is obvious, experts claim all sorts of benefits from improving circulation, to detoxing, to the elimination of cellulite! The process is simple: before you get in the shower, you use long, upward strokes, starting at your feet and working upward. I was completely grossed out by the amount of dry skin coming off the first time I did this! Ew. But what an improvement over a short time. It has really helped my dry skin! I will not be without it. This was surprising to me that this works as well as it does. It’s so simple. But alas, another triumph! I highly suggest giving this inexpensive and simple treatment a try.

I have several other products that I am giving a hard trial.The jury is still out on those, but I will always post the things that I find actually worth a purchase. You can check out my review of First Aid Cleanser and the Clarisonic Facial brush, here.

have you used any of these products? Do they seem useful to you? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Check back soon for grocery lists as well as how to put all the food together for getting in shape this year, no matter WHAT your home life is like!

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