Introducing, What Works Wednesday! Every Wednesday, I will be featuring something that I have personally tried, that’s actually helpful and works to make my life easier. These features will be everything from products, to hacks, to tips, big and small ,that help me personally and that I believe are worth your time, attention and money to check out. Making life easier over 40, thats what its all about here at Fresh Air and False Lashes, ladies. Today we are talking OPI Infinite Shine nail polish.What Worked Wednesdays; OPI Nail Polish

I do love a freshly manicured hand. It is such a lady-like and feminine touch to ones overall look that says, “Why yes, I do, in fact, give a crap.” But look, I’m not sitting around on a satin cushion here at my house. Between the dishes, the dog, the chickens, gardening and frankly, just doing all. the. things, my own hands would look like that of an old weathered seaman if left to my own devices.

I try to pop in for a gel manicure once a month, and they are worth every penny. They last for weeks, without a stitch of care. They are indeed, so fabulous that I’m willing to brave the uncomfortable and confusing language barrier that prevents me from understanding one, single word of my korean manicurist. Bless her.OPI nail polish

I often also have to do my own nail polish at home as well. This is always an exercise in frustration, because: 1. I have to sit still for so long and 2. If my perfectly polished nails even slightly graze the tinniest surface, BAM!- polish chipped. <insert muttered swear word>

There are several companies that have come up with products that promise gel like nail polish wear, at home. OPI Infinite Wear delivers. They promise 7-10 days of gel-like shine, using their 3 step nail polish system: 1. Primer 2. Nail Color and 3. GlossOPI nail polish

Each bottle goes on just like regular nail polish and you do still have to sit still and wait for each one to dry, but it really does last. I have gotten a solid 7 days of wear each time I use this polish.

Do I think it would last if you were an Olympic swimmer or a professional sand castle builder? No. Probably not. But for everyday use and wear, this nail polish is a winner. The gloss and primer can be purchased separately or as a duo, then you would purchase from the wide array of available Infinite Shine colors. You should also note, that if you use another nail polish color other than the actual Infinite Shine from OPI, you won’t get the same results. I tried.OPI nail polish

Bonus: PERFECT nude nail polish colors!

If you love the look of a nude nail polish, but are tired of buying polishes that turn out too pink or too brown, your color worries are over, (Says the woman with a drawer full of WRONG nude shades). OPI has 2 beautiful, perfectly nude shades. Your own skin tone will determine which one of these will give you the look you desire: 1. Dulce de Leche and 2. Samoan Sand.

Get ’em. They’re awesome.

Do you have any tried and true, at-home manicure tips? I’d love to hear about them in the comments. Thanks so much for reading, and if you like what you read here, please share on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram! 

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