Getting Away in Colorado

The older you get, the more you figure out what makes you tick. What is actually important in life. And that you really don’t know as much as you thought you did. And that MAYBE you weren’t put on this earth for your vast amounts of knowledge, but rather to use whatever you have to help others that are in your life or come across your path.

I NEED quiet time. Time for reflection and just time to let the thoughts in my head roll out to their completeness. To wrestle with my own ideas and time to quietly talk to the Lord and pour those things out before Him. Recently, I haven’t been getting that time as much as I would like. My husbands job is all-consuming in our lives. Not by choice for either of us. It isn’t a matter of organization or time allotment. Its just the way it is right now. His job is not one that you can physically or mentally just lay aside. There are big consequences that involve more than just us and our family. But this is where we are, and we are getting through it as best we can. But it makes time for reflection scarce and even when the time is there, its hard to silence my mind from all that is wrapped up in my husbands work. this week, I have been lucky enough to get that time!

We got up and away. Out of cell range completely. How freeing that is!

We’ve been working with our Saint pup, Winston on being a good trail and camping dog, so the more we can get him out with us, the better! Colorado is a super dog friendly state but being able to take your dog on a trail isn’t always a given. Thankfully the All Trails app has a “dog friendly” filter that you can use when searching for trails. So, we searched out something that would give us some seclusion and somewhere we could set up camp for the night. We decided on a lightly used trail up above the Winter Park area. The trail itself is called Second Creek Trail. We have been having boatloads of car trouble recently, so we decided to grab a rental and take off. Winston is all about traveling.backpacking trip in Colorado

Its about 3 miles to Broome Hut and then maybe another mile + to the top, where the views are spectacular. We ran across a few folks on the first part of the trail, but after that, we were on our own for the rest of the trip.

The hike is steep for the first mile or so. Like….lung buster steep. But the trail is good and it takes you through varied terrain with beautiful views. The remaining part of the trail, past the hut, is moderate.  Winston carries his own food and water now. We figured out pretty quickly that Saints drink a LOT of water and if we had to add HIS to what we were already carrying for ourselves, well…..hellooooo heavy backpack! The struggle was real, so we got him his own pack pretty quickly.backpacking in colorado

Here are a few of the shots along the way. Seriously beautiful for only putting in about 5 miles.backpacking in Colorado

Once we reached the snow fields, we decided to unload, set up camp and then we would hike to the top without all the gear. The sun was warm and the melting snow and resulting lake, were all that was left from last seasons snow. backpacking in colorado

Once we had set up camp, we hiked to the top. The views were just amazing. 360 degree mountain view. So beautiful.backpacking in colorado

Once we hiked back down to our little camp, the sun was going down fast and so was the temperature. It got down to about 24 degrees that night. We were super snug in our sleeping bags and Winston was unaffected as he snored outside the tent.backpacking in Colorado

backpacking in Colorado

The next morning was cooooold getting up and out of the tent, but we made coffee, then a light breakfast as we waited for the sun to pop over the mountain. As soon as it did, we were packing up and shedding layers. Another beautiful day in Colorado.

The rest of our getaway was spent meeting our sons for lunch, playing around in grand Lake and then crossing Rocky Mountain National Park to visit Estes Park. We stayed a few nights in Estes, just to relax and also to enjoy the elk. The elk rut is in full force so they literally take over the town. Then we decided that we would take the looooooong way back home and we drove for hours through the beautiful aspens as they were changing to that bright gold. img_8268

All in all, it was a quick trip but we were both so thankful to be able to do it. It was just what we needed. A small respite in the ongoing storm that is our life at present. Life can get SO BUSY. Even if all I can carve out is 30 minutes to get outside and get away from the every day pull, I do it. It is just as important to my health as anything else that I do.

I hope that you take time each day to free your mind a little bit. What do you do that helps you relax and opens your mind?



PS- Girl Stuff coming next, y’all. Hold onto your mascara, cause I’ve made a lash appointment!!!!!