Life Currently: This is Utah! (And a mini house tour).

Well, we’ve done it. We said goodbye to Colorado last week and we are tucked away in the mountains of Utah. I wanted to catch you up on the past few weeks, before we move back into all.the.things Over 40, AND show you our new home. This is Utah. This is Utah, Home tour

Less than 2 weekends ago, my husband and I were headed to central Florida to visit family and friends as well as to attend the beautiful wedding of our nephew. It was unfortunate for us that this was the same weekend that we had to move from our home in Colorado, so our time got cut short.

Not willing to miss the wedding, and having no say on our move out date, we just had to make it work.

We packed our belongings into a 26 foot U-Haul truck on Wednesday, before realizing that it wasn’t going to be big enough!?! My husband is a master packer, so you couldn’t fit a sliver of tissue paper into that truck when we finally closed the door.

We looked at everything left in the garage……Houston, we have a problem- and we have no time to fix it.

The very next day, exhausted, we were on a plane to Florida. The wedding was formal and absolutely gorgeous. I don’t mind saying that to shed our packing and moving garb and get dressed up for dining and dancing was just fabulous! (I didn’t get anyones permission to publish their pictures, so I won’t include them, but they all looked amazing!)

utah, home tour

It was completely fabulous and all over in only 48 hours. We were back on a plane for Colorado. We had a wonderful and precious time celebrating and reconnecting with family.  I am so thankful that we made it work.

While in flight, we decided that the only solution to our moving problem, was to get a trailer to tow behind the truck. Our flight landed in Colorado and we went straight to pick up a trailer. Long story short, we arrived at our home in Colorado at about 12 noon on Sunday and we finally pulled out heading for Utah at around 7pm.

this is utah, home tour, St Bernards

The rare, no-make-up day. But lets face it, when you’re basically wearing hair pants, because of your dog…….it seemed rather pointless to apply a full face of make up.

Yes. We had Winston in the cab with us. Let it be known that Saint Bernard’s take up a LOT of room. Let it also be known that they aren’t great at sharing space. I literally fought him for the seat all night! It was long ride until we finally stopped somewhere in Wyoming. What a long day! We’d awakened in central Florida, that morning at 4:30, where it was already 70 degrees and humid and we went to bed around midnight somewhere in Wyoming, where it was snowing! Never has a bed felt so good. Winston also was quite happy with the hotel arrangements and was finally able to stretch out. Not one of us moved a muscle until morning.this is utah, home tour, St Bernards

The next day was thankfully uneventful and we drove through some stunning scenery before finally crossing into Utah and then pulling up to our new house around 2 pm. Some amazing new neighbors walked right up and started helping us unload our truck. Seriously- who does that? They probably saved us about 2 hours of unload time. They’re our favorite. 🙂

The very next day- the husband went to work in Salt Lake and I was left with this <cue hyperventilation>:

this is utah, home tour

In case you are wondering,… we can now park a car in here.

But never mind that- Let me show you the house! (Or at least the part thats half way unpacked and together.) This is Utah.

This house is much smaller than the one in Colorado, but I love,love, love it! It is thoughtfully laid out and the location is amazing. It’s 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths and about 2600 sq ft. It’s not too far from Park City or Salt Lake, but tucked away in privacy up the mountain, with trails out the back door and loads of wildlife.

This is Utah

This is the view as you enter the front door. All of exposed logs really fit the more rugged surroundings outdoors.

As you walk into the house, the master bedroom with bath is to the right of what you see above. It’s an ample space, with a walk in closet. The bedroom also looks out onto the mountains with large windows providing lots of natural light. The bath is tiled and contains a large stone shower. (Pics coming soon)

this is utah home tour

Looking from the opposite side of the room. This is a lovely open space with vaulted ceilings and massive windows that look out onto the amazing view. You can see the door that leads to the back deck. (Winston is obviously settling in, just fine!)

This is Utah
This is utah home tour

The door walks out onto this view…… How amazing is that??

We’ve been here a week and aside from an amazing number of deer, birds,chipmunks and foxes, we have already seen 6 moose all right from this deck! (mooses? meese?, lol)

Back inside, here is the view of the kitchen. It was built with a very efficient use of space and basic appliances. I really enjoy cooking in it. The larger cabinets all have pull out drawers for large items. There is a space for flat pans over the refrigerator (um. brilliant). Several of the cabinets are built to hold taller counter appliances. There is a desk and a lovely, efficient walk in pantry. The white door leads into the two car garage.

this is utah, home tour If you turn around to face the opposite direction, this is the view of the dining area and the again looking out onto the beautiful Wasatch mountain range.this is utah, home tour

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this little look into my life at present as well as the main level of our new home. This is Utah. This is where Fresh Air and False Lashes is coming to you from. Maybe I’ll get the rest of the house all set up and put together so that you can see that as well, but you get the gist.

A move to Europe still looks likely for us, but this is a pretty nice sideways hop, don’t you think? And don’t let the rugged terrain fool you, I am only minutes from the city, to continue discovering all the latest and greatest for women over 40!

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Thanks so much for sharing!


  1. May 21, 2017 / 2:51 am

    Oh my goodness Melissa your home looks amazing! I have serious home envy now. Like you, I’ve recently moved – from Yorkshire back to my home in Wales.

    Now this wasn’t the plan, we put our Yorkshire house on the market in order to make the move to Spain. Then Brexit hit and things, as we say in the UK, ‘went t*ts up’. The house we were going to purchase went up by 65K overnight, our pension dropped by 100K and we were left wondering what the heck to do.

    Luckily we still have rental properties, and one had become vacant in Wales so here we are. We still haven’t given up on Spain, but are now waiting with baited breath to see what happens Brexit-wise.

    We are certainly not where we want to be, but life throws us lemons sometimes. We are now drowning in lemonade ?

    By the way, my husband is too a packing god and managed to get all our possessions into a lorry. We decided to buy the lorry and store that rather than pay for storage. Our things are still on it six months later – oh, how I miss my shoes!

    Anyway, lovely home and great blog .

    Michelle xx

    • melissa
      May 21, 2017 / 8:25 am

      Thank you! And Oh my word Michelle! I thought *MY* life had been stressful! Hang in there I’ll bet you guys will end up in Spain after all,(at which point the envy will ALL be on my end!) but Im’, glad that you had a property to become available. Nothing like living life on the edge,eh? I have yet to visit Wales, but hope to the next time we are over.Smart to buy the lorry- we almost did the same thing(and after unloading everything w/in 24 hrs and then thinking of moving again in a year- I kind of wish we had)- it’s going to be like Christmas when you unpack that thing!! I had some things that we left at our house in Virginia and I hadn’t seen them in over a year. When we finally wrangled everything back in one spot, I started unpacking those things and was like, “What? Why the heck did I even save this?” LOL- it was more like a homeless persons Christmas- but still- it was my stuff. I hope things settle for you sooner rather than later. I know what it’s like to have to be in limbo. Not my favorite. Thanks for reading and commenting. I am looking forward to reading more of your journey.

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