The secret, expert beauty resource that you never knew existed! For women over 40- get high end samples and expert advice.

Remember when you had to go all the way to paris (or WISH you could), to get some of the most coveted, beauty products? In this post I will share with you my secret, expert beauty source for the very finest beauty products and advice.My secret online beauty source. This is the expert beauty resource you've been looking for.. Women over 40!

I can totally remember when the parisian facial spray, Evian  was first accessible in the US. I could only purchase it at finer department stores as a teen, and oh the status points of having that large spray can on my vanity table. I would faithfully mist my face, twice daily, with the coveted water from the south shores of Geneva. It was undeniable proof that I was completely a cutting edge trend setter as a teen. Thats right- I was setting my make-up, before setting your make up was a thing. (I still use it! Thankfully it comes in a purse size now. Rock on-Evian !)Expert Beauty resource for women over 40!

Today, with so many sources bombarding me with what I MUST have in my beauty arsenal, and all of them tearing equally, at my hard earned dollars, I really needed a source that I could actually trust. Someone like a nice, big sister in the movies. A person who would not recoil in horror at my questions, maybe let me sample a few of her own, high end beauty products and also give me some much needed advice.

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Well- hold on- because I am about to let you in on my secret.

Online, Expert Beauty Source

Ayla Beauty

This is the online, expert beauty resource you've been searching for. Women over 40!
Image by Ayla Beauty

With a physical studio in San Francisco, this amazing team of beauty experts quite literally scour the globe for non-toxic beauty products THAT WORK. Its that last bit that really drew me in. Stuff that WORKS…. and also won’t hurt you. You’re speaking my language. When I refer to them as “experts”, I’m not kidding. Check the stats on these ladies here. Talk about a solid, line up of skin gurus! But thats not the best part. Can’t get to San Fran to get an appointment? No worries.

You guys-  YOU can do a skin consult with these amazing experts- ONLINE.

Get an online custom consultation

What- the-what? Its true. You just fill out the very detailed form with lots of space for you to go on and on and on about your issues. They will send you a personalized, custom sample kit of recommended products based on your answers. Your personal skincare consultant will also include specific directions and suggestions, personally written just for you. Got questions? They answer them……for real. You can also do what I envision Jennifer Aniston doing and just call them up on the phone! Y’all- they will do a consult over the phone!

High End Samples

They carry only the finest brands and you can feel confident when buying from them that the products that you receive will actually do what they’ve promised. As I’ve lamented said before, we here at Fresh Air and False Lashes are operating on a tight budget and I prefer quality over quantity. I completely trust this company and the personal service behind it. With every order you can choose to have them include other high end samples that you may be interested in. You can expect a personalized note explaining exactly how to use them as well.My secret, expert beauty resource. Women Over 40

When I was in Switzerland a few years ago, I was introduced to the Luzern brand through a sample I picked up in a small village. I was amazed at the they way this moisturizer made my skin feel. It was incredible. Of course, at the time, I was blissfully backpacking across the alps and didn’t think to stock up before going home to the US.

My secret, expert beauty resource found via Switzerland

When I got home, I went in search of this amazing, new-to-me miracle cream and landed at Ayla. *(Side note: Luzern has an exciting new line of products just out this spring! I am looking forward to giving these a try.)* Through Ayla, you can try all of the very best, skin care brands from around the world and find what is actually worth it for you personally. This is where I was introduced to the Parisian brand Biorecept. This brand has left me with my jaw on the floor. Completely stunned- which is a rare thing for me to say about any skin care product. I’ll be talking about that in a post coming up soon.

The take-a-way

So you get the idea- if you want skin care that actually does what it says, a team of highly educated skin experts at your disposal AND a chance to sample some of the finest products on the planet, without breaking the bank, go to Ayla Beauty. They are my online beauty secret and I love beauty resource for women over 40

Tell them Melissa @ Fresh Air and False Lashes sent you. (I’m kidding, don’t actually say that……we aren’t on a first name basis just yet, but they’ve probably noticed all the recent orders going to Utah and I’m stalking the founder, Dara Kennedy, like a boss, to find out about her own skin care routine. Which is not at all weird when you see how amazing her skin looks. Not at ALL weird.)

Ayla Beauty does have a referral program, so if you’d like to let them know how you found them, you can access them through my referral link—–> Here or enter my referral code 278432 at your sign up or your check out. Much appreciated!

Thanks for reading and commenting and sharing! If you do a consult, you won’t be disappointed and do come back here and let me know what you think of the service at my online beauty source!

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