What worked Wednesday! Self tanners

I am  the self proclaimed queen of self tanners. Thanks to my mothers warning, I never fell for the orange dye of the antiquated “QT” brand, but I was in about 10th grade when Estee’ Lauder came out with the first actual “self tanner”. I was completely hooked. Mind you, in those days, self tanners were a LONG way from the products of today. It was all quite a process. It was thick and greasy, it took FOREVER to dry, and had the very unfortunate side effect of smelling like burnt toast- a smell which did not fade. BUT- in 10th grade, smelling like burnt toast all the time seemed a small price to pay for the coveted TAN.

A bit of color can really take years off of your appearance. It lessens the look of fine lines and adds a more youthful overall look. As a woman who has often described her own skin tone as “a lovely shade of fish-belly white”, the self tanner has been in my skin care arsenal since high school.

These products continue to evolve and I have my eye on a new one called Tanceuticals, that I am going to try next. I’ll be sure to update on that one, as it looks promising.

I would bet I have tried close to one hundred different brands and this picture is from my current bathroom drawer. What Worked Wednesday! Self Tanners!But today I want to share with you my current favorite higher end product as well as an inexpensive drugstore brand. They both WORK.

Tarte Brazilliance Plus is my current favorite.What Worked Wednesday Brazilliance Plus Self Tanner by Tarte It comes with a good quality mitt for application, which you definitely need to use, because the lotion its self is very dark and will stain your clothing. The slick lotion goes on smooth, and the dark color lets you easily see where you apply it, for an even look without streaking. It smells wonderful! (Yay!) It is a light, sweet pleasant smell and it makes your skin feel wonderful. It leaves you feeling very moisturized and supple. The self tanner takes about 20 minutes to completely dry and the color develops completely in about 3 hours. One of the best things about this product is that it doesn’t develop TOO dark. It is a lovely tan color that you can build gradually to a very deep tan upon several applications. It lasts about 3 days before fading and fades without being blotchy. In short- it’s everything you want in a self tanner! The biggest down side would be the price. It is $39, which is higher than the majority of self tanners. I purchase this from Sephora.

If that is more than your budget allows, not to worry, I have a favorite drug store brand that works. Loreal Sublime Paris Tinted Self Tanning Lotion comes in 3 shades. It is tinted so that you can see where you have applied it, it dries completely in about 20 minutes and develops into a nice color. It has an ok smell, but you can smell the DHA in this product. But overall, this is a great choice and I use it often in both the medium as well as the dark. It sells for less than $8 and you can get it just about anywhere!

Self Tanners are part of my daily facial routine. I use my Clarisonic, then apply vitamin C serum, then moisturizer and then self tanner, waiting a few minutes in between each step.  It takes me about 5-10 minutes total. In the summer I apply it regularly over my entire body with the mitt or latex gloves, to always keep some color.

For a quick temporary-one night only color, I like St. Tropez Instant Glow Body Lotion. It smells nice and gives an immediate, light color with a teeny-tiny bit of sheen. Really pretty for quickly doing arms and shoulders for a night out.it washes off completely.

If you have any sort of special event planned, I still highly recommend going in for a quick air brush tan one or two days before the event- you won’t regret it.

How about you? Are you a fan of the tan? Do you regularly fake bake? Do you have a favorite?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!