Camping in Utah

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Exploring yet another part of the Uinta National Forest here in Utah. It’s hard to believe that just three weeks ago, we could not drive up this far, because the roads were still feet deep in snow! There are still patches of snow around, as you will see in the video below, but at 10,000 feet the temps are topping out at about 70 by midday. The snow has created major rivers and creeks that spill into lakes- but the meadows are dry now and just teeming with wildlife. From moose to deer to scores of song birds literally, nesting everywhere.tent camping in utah

The wildflowers are in full bloom and I am not sure I have ever been anywhere with such variety! As we explored farther up into the mountains we would pass giant meadows with waves of pink, then, purple, then yellow flowers. Just amazing. tent camping in utah with video

Our decision to overnight camp was a last minute one, so we grabbed some camping meals, water and our backpacks (we always keep them packed and at the ready with our camping essentials: cutlery, backpacking stoves, extra socks, water filters, matches, etc etc. It’s a long list so let me know if you want the details!) and we were out the door. We set up camp quickly and spent the afternoon relaxing and exploring. We were completely by ourselves, which was so nice!

If there is one camping/backpacking item that I covet, it’s this baby.Tent Camping in Utah- with videoYeahhhhh…… that’s a backpacking wine glass.

My husband got it for me years ago and it is a prized piece of  backpacking gear. You can see that mine isn’t as shiny as it once was, but I love the look of it. It has seen many a beautiful setting.

Sure- you COULD drink your wine out of anything but- seriously- why would you when you can have this little delight? Tent camping in Utah with videoEven when we are doing major backpacking I will bring a little  flask with some wine that we can break it out at just the right spot and I pull out my little wine glass. The weight of the flask is always worth the little bit of luxury and the “glass” only weighs a whopping 2.4 oz, it’s BPA free and check out how packable it is!tent camping in Utah with video

I may be outdoorsy but I’m no barbarian.


tent camping in utah with video


Its sold by GSI and you can get your own for less than $10 here.

I truly feel so blessed to be able to visit these places. Not only to soak in the peace and tranquility of the beautiful outdoors but to be able to do it with the man I love.

It’s a good life sistas.

Now, kick back and relax for a minute. Take in this breathtaking area of Utah for this weeks #Freshairfridays

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Tent Camping in Utah with video for #freshairfridays

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