Treat Beauty Lip Balms, I am completely obsessed. You can have soft lips again with the most deliciously minimal effort!soft lips over 40

I’ve told you before how dry the air is here in Colorado. This is wonderful for personal comfort. Who doesn’t love warm, dry sunshine all the time? But it’s not so wonderful for my skin…specifically my lips. I kid you not, we were ordering chap stick by the case out here. It was the only thing that kept my lips from looking like I had just hiked across a vast desert without a drop of water.

I have tried all of the popular lip products. The expensive stuff, as well as all natural ingredients all the way to the supposedly tried and true grocery store brands (Carmex anyone? yes- I was that desperate). They ALL failed in one way or another. And Chap stick only worked as a protectant if you kept reapplying continually (thus the bulk orders). The struggle was real friends.

[ctt template=”8″ link=”w09b2″ via=”no” ]Sensing my desperation, the lip gods smiled on me and convinced me to try the lip balm by Treat Beauty.[/ctt] From the moment I frantically tore open the package, I was intrigued. My first purchase was the jumbo sized sugar cookie scented balm. Oh my sweet goodness. Why is Smell-a-Vision not a thing yet?? Way to go science. Because these lip balms smell absolutely delicious. After sniffing my new jumbo stick about 10 times and saying “yum” repeatedly, I tried the balm on my dry, crusty lips.

Hooked. Ladies and gentleman, we’ve got ourselves a miracle cream here.

This is the stuff. It actually moisturizes your lips. It isn’t just protecting, it softens them instantly and continues to improve their appearance and texture the more you use it.

But wait- theres more.

They also make a lip scrub that I tried as well. Have you ever used a lip scrub? It typically involves scooping your fingers down inside a little jar of coarse goo, rubbing it on your lips and then getting it all back off again- hopefully with the dry skin too. Well hold the phone because Treat makes a lip scrub……in a STICK. Do you know whats in it? Umm….sugar. I got the marshmallow cream flavor  scent and it’s amazing. It is so convenient and delicious, I find myself using it daily.

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I keep it at my vanity and use it in the mornings. Using the scrub plus the lip balm has worked so well and made my lips incredibly soft again! Soft lips! Like the lips of my youth! (Only with some added lines damnit. But thats a post for another day.)

The ingredients are all organic: coconut oil, Shea butter, beeswax, etc. And the product is made in the USA and is cruelty free.  Their byline says “Every Treat is made with ingredients so pure, you can eat them.” I may or may not have done this. Also, because of the moisturizing organic ingredients, if one were to, hypothetically speaking, go to bed without using your moisturizers and serums, you can just use this around your eyes as a moisturizer. You know……I mean- if you know anyone that lazy. Just keepin’ it real sistas.soft lips over 40

They sell for less than $14 at Treat Beauty and you can also get them through Amazon. The flavors are amazing: marshmallow cream, bubble gum, soft candy, peaches and cream, coconut cream, hot cocoa and more. Whats not to absolutely love?

The organic ingredients, cute packaging and good price point also make these great gifts. I sent some to my cutie pie- 8 year old niece Maisie, and she loves it.Treat Beauty organic lip balm

As for me, I am now working on hoarding all the flavors. I have one on my night stand, my vanity, in my car, in my purse and by the kitchen sink. If you want soft lips, this is your answer. And can we all just say a little prayer of thanks that in this day and age of high dollar procedures, this one is wonderfully inexpensive!

So, Treat yo’self! And enjoy your soft lips again.