“You have really great skin.” I actually heard that from a stylist the other day. If you are Over 40 and someone tells you that, well…..let’s just say it’s pretty much like someone handing you a big, fat diamond.
Grab yourself a beverage, because this is the first in a series about how to fix your Over 40 skin.

skin care over 40; how I got great skin again!

I inherited good skin from my mom, but over the past 7 or so years, I noticed that it was really changing for the worse. Here are some of the things that I was experiencing:

My Over 40 Skin Care Woes

Redness- my face would sometimes have a “ruddy” appearance that I would have to correct with makeup.

Dryness- REALLY dry. Our move out west, didn’t help that, but thats probably the ONLY drawback to not living in humidity….the only one.

Dullness- What. the. heck? My skin was so dull and lifeless! It also had a ‘thick” appearance.

Loss of Elasticity- the ever advancing jowls and turkey neck are the very bane of my existence.

Lines- particularly the 11’s between my eyes! Apparently I’ve had a perpetual frown for the past 47 years. Nice.

So these were my main issues and I was pretty fed up.

I had been looking into solutions that were more evasive, and I may still go that route at some point in time (which I will of COURSE share here), but I wanted to really do some research and try to figure out if I could at least improve my skin and slow down the aging process with quality products, nutrition and just better self care.

The Good News

It worked! I am really happy with the results that I have seen over the past 30 days and I see no reason why those results won’t continue with time. I am very pleased with the way my skin looks! So much so, that I have been going with little to no makeup on most days! This is actually pretty huge, because typically, I don’t even let the cat see me without makeup. So… Its a big deal.

Skin care, over forty. how I got great skin again!
A mascara-only, makeup free day brought to you by Ayla Beauty and BioRecept.
What I learned about Skin Care over 40

Ayla Beauty, taught me a LOT about my skin. If you ever want to really dig into the nitty gritty and learn from the very top dermatologists and doctors in skincare, you can read to your hearts content here.

One of the things I learned is that the redness I was seeing, was the ever dreaded <insert scary sound> inflammation. I eat a pretty anti inflammatory diet, so I couldn’t really figure this one out. Turns out I’ve been washing my face all wrong and causing the redness! I learned to stop washing my face in the shower with water that is too hot! It was stressing out my skin and causing redness as well as some of the dryness. Now I keep the hot water off of my face in the shower and wash at the sink with luke warm water and a gentle, moisturizing, non stripping cleanser.

Most of us are too rough with our skin. We over exfoliate and have nutritional habits that are doing us no favors.

*NOT a sponsored post, just my honest, raving opinion of a skin care line that truly delivers.*

Enter: BioRecept

The BioRecept line was developed by Anne Dupouy-Camet, one of Frances top skincare experts, with over 20 years of experience. She is a pharmacist at the heralded skincare epicenter that is CityPharma, based in Paris. Her adult children are/were fashion models and she recognized that the Parisian model lifestyle of heavy cigarette smoking, late nights out etc., was taking a major toll on their skin, leaving it with some of the exact issues that I have related above. This is what led her to create a line of skin care that is organic, extremely high performing and specifically formulated to address these issues.

Skin Care over forty; How I got great skin again!
Image from She’s In the Glow (link below)

BioRecept is a stand out because of its high concentration of hyaluronic acid (the same thing used in Juve’derm fillers). Many products on the market today contain some amount of long chain hyaluronic acid, which gives skin immediate hydration and plumps up fine lines, making wrinkles less noticeable. HOWEVER, this effect is temporary and what doesn’t wear off, is washed off at the end of the day. And of course different products have different concentrations and formulations which will also determine their effectiveness. The harder to find, short chain hyaluronic acid ,however, has some serious long term, anti aging effects. One of the most notable things it does is to actually boost your skins collagen production over time, which gives long term help with lines, wrinkles and skin scarring.

BioRecept is highly concentrated with both long AND short chain hyaluronic acid. It has been a game changer for me and is the current star of my skin care line up. I cannot recommend it highly enough. It is also completely organic, formulated for all skin types and is infused with natural minerals and plant ingredients from the French Alps.

Skin care over forty; How I got great skin again!
image from Ayla Beauty
My Exact Over 40 Skin Care Regimen


*After washing my hands, I wash my face in the morning with lukewarm water, using hands only and no cleanser.

*I apply a few drops of Total Lift Eclat serum, by Bio Recept ,to my fingertips and pat on my face and neck and give that a second to absorb.

Skin care over forty; How I got great skin again!

*I place a very small amount of Lycoconfort de Peau, also by Bio Recept, on my fingertips and gently pat onto my face and neck. This is a VERY rich cream, and was specifically created to get rid of what the french call the “grise mine”. They are referring to the dull, gray, tired skin that I was complaining about above. I give that a second to absorb.

skin care over forty; How I got great skin again!
image from Ayla Beauty

This post contains affiliate links of my favorite products.

*I apply sunscreen. Currently using this but this is the best, hands down, and in my que.

*I apply 1-2 drops of UMA ultimate face Brightening Oil, which is for another post but OMGosh is it fabulous!!! HElllo bright, pretty skin!


*After washing my hands, I use a moisturizing cleanser and my hands only, to cleanse my face. Currently using this one. REALLY, REALLY want to try this one  and this one.. (I use my Clarisonic only 2-3 times a week now and not in the shower.)

*I apply a few drops of Gentle Retinol Night Serum by Marie Veronique to my face and neck. (Saving this for another post, but I am pretty wowed by this product and I’m seeing great results.)

*Lastly, I pat the BioStrata de Peau onto my face and neck and hit the sack!. This stuff is amazing and you will wake in the morning with lovely, plumped and hydrated skin. skin care over 40, how I got great skin again!

Over 40 Skin Care Take Away

I have several other posts in the works on nutritional changes and a more in depth review of the other products that I mentioned here, but the take away is that these products have really changed my skin. Its appearance is more youthful, with more of a glow and my skin tone is completely even. My husband even remarked that my skin looked nice and to be honest, I wasn’t sure he even knew I HAD skin, lol. Ah-love ‘im.

If you want to look into this line for yourself, you can do so here and if you are in the US  you can only get it here, at Ayla. These products are so highly concentrated that they do last a very long time and are highly effective. To me thats much better than throwing away so much money on disappointing, low end products.

I highly recommend doing an online skin consultation for $35 with Ayla here. and getting their recommendations and kit of samples.

If you’d like to read a bit more press about BioRecept check it out here at Into the Gloss and here at She’s in the Glow.

What is your skin care routine? Are you finding anything that you are seeing great results with? Let me know in the comments and thanks for sharing and commenting!



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