As we were moving to Utah, I realized that my wardrobe really needs some serious updating. I literally gave away over half of my stuff in a take- no- prisoners style purge. I know it was the right thing to do because, here I sit a month later and I haven’t missed a single piece that I got rid of. But now for the rebuilding phase.

I am at a point in my life where I find that I am looking for quality, classic, timeless pieces over quantity bargain store brands. I still adore SOME of the new trends each season, but I am far more picky about the pieces that I am willing to spend money on. Looking through my current wardrobe, I find that this method of shopping has actually served me well over the years, when I’ve practiced it. Some of my most loved pieces are over 10 years old and they still look great. (And they survived the Great Purge.)

I’ve decided to rebuild my wardrobe from the basics up, so the first purchases are underthings and women’s pajamas.

I have found quite possibly the cutest women's pajamas ever!

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Women’s Pajamas

Yes- thats right: women’s pajamas.

Because, dear friends, I have been dressing like a homeless person, every night for pretty much the last 10+ years. This is the sad truth. My husband says he doesn’t care, but for the love of God, the man has been with me for 27 years- doesn’t he deserve to wake up each morning to a woman who doesn’t look like she crawled out from under a bridge?!

Don’t *I*deserve it??

I mean, looking in the mirror each morning at my ratty tee shirt and thinking, “What the hell happened here?” is not exactly the best way to start your day.

My Strict Pajama Criteria

I had decided to turn over a new leaf and buy honest to goodness night clothing. Here are the rules I set for myself:

*Above all they must be comfortable and they must be attractive.

*They CANNOT be over the top with frills (ain’t nobody got time for that, but you go, Ms. Betty Draper).

Not Betty Draper-but I've found quite possibly the cutest women's Pajamas ever!

(photo from

*They CANNOT have any sort of slogan on them or be a onsie or look like an animal- (working on adulting, here, not becoming more child like).

*They must cost less than $100 and they must be made to LAST.

*They must be easy to care for.

*They must look like something a normal, decent, serious adult woman would wear whilst getting her coffee and fixing a bit of breakfast in the morning.

The Results: I bring You Cutest Women’s Pajamas Ever

After many returns, many “what were they thinking?!” episodes and many “WHY is this so hard?!” rants, I have found what I believe to be THE perfect pajamas. These PJ’s are made by Eberjey.

Quite Possibly the cutest women's pajamas ever!

These are super cute and they met all of my criteria! I LOVE them! They are seriously the most comfy things ever. They are made of 89% modal and 11% spandex which I guess translates to “Buttah”, because these things are seriously so soft and warm and buttery next to your skin. No wrapping up around you at night or tight waist band making an ugly skin mark in the morning…….. they are exactly what PJ’s should feel like. I wish there was Touch-a-Vision because the feel of these is really what sets them apart. These are actually MORE comfortable than my ratty tee!! Woo-hooo! Win-win!

If there is a drawback to these, it’s that they have to be laid flat to dry, but thats not really a game changer for me because so much of my stuff has to be laid flat. I just toss them up on the shelf in the laundry room. One of the nice things about living in this part of the US is that the lack of humidity makes air drying anything, a snap.

Quite possibly the cutest women's pajamas ever!

I am super happy with these! There are several color choices. I got mine at Nordstrom but Amazon carries them as well.

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel so much better getting up in the morning wearing these cute PJ’s. Like- for just a second, every morning- I feel like I’ve really got my life together.Too much to ask from a set of pajamas? I think not.

I do plan on getting the Eberjey Gisele Night Shirt as well, in a different color.

If you LOVE that American Flag mug as much as I do, you can grab yourself one here.

OH- Also-the husband loves them, proving once again to be an extremely easy to please man, bless him.Quite possibly the cutest women's pajamas ever!

I am wearing a Medium. I am 5’5″ and currently <ahem> 130lbs if that helps with sizing. The shorts are loose, with loads of room in the leg openings, so they will fit women who don’t have my Wilma Flintstone legs as well.

Stay tuned as I share my wardrobe re-build. The underthings are coming up next, because lets face it- the underthings in the Over 40 drawer, have got to be the workhorses of the wardrobe! They’ve got to hold it up, cinch it in, smooth it out and cover it up- This is no small task ladies, but I’m on it.

What do you think? Cute PJ’s right?

What are your thoughts on pajamas at this point in your life? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks so much for sharing, reading and commenting.



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