I am a fairly positive person by nature and I like to surround myself with things that I love. My happy things. These things don’t cost much, they are just simple things that I find pleasant to look at or use.

Happy Things! How and why to add small things into your life that make you happy.The color pink is my jam. It always has been, and I love it in all of its shades and hues. Let me be clear that in real life, I don’t say that things are my jam. But I do love pink.

Obviously Barbie had a huge influence on me in my youth and one does not cast aside ones youthful obsessions easily, so I’ve chosen to embrace it.

I wanted to share a few of the simple things that I reach for every day that seriously brighten my morning. And today I realized that they’re all pink…. So there’s that.

happy things; These are the things that I reach for each morning that make me happy.

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For instance, I ALWAYS have a pink notebook. I usually have several, in all sizes. Real paper and ink are what inspire me and I keep these notebooks stashed all over to jot down ideas and lists as they occur to me. I got this Polkadot one from Studio C– and I use it for quick journaling. I also have this one and several of these strewn about the house and in my purse. happy things! This pink notebook is one of the first things reach for in the morning!

Warby Parker has recently satisfied my pink obsession with these glasses. Apparently, I’m pretty much blind now, but these cute frames almost make up for it. They took FOR-EVER to ship them for some reason, but they were worth the wait. I adore them in this transparent, rosey, bellini shade and you can always count on quality from Warby Parker and since I can’t read without them anymore, that sems pretty important. Seeing is great.

I love these happy readers from Warby Parker in a translucent pink hue.

You all know my complete obsession with Treat Beauty Lip Balms ! I will stand by these babies forever. Take it from a woman who has lived in Colorado and now Utah- this is a cheap and delicious way to have dewey, youthful looking lips again! Ask anyone who has been to my house- these are stashed all over and always within reach. LOVE them. You can buy this organic, jumbo, deliciousness for $10.99 here and here, in all the flavors.. You won’t be sorry. They are that good. Pink happy things! I love every lip balm by Treat Beauty! Hands down the best!

My latest little pink joy though, is this eyelash mug. GAH! Look at it!!!! Don’t you love it??!! I purchased this little beauty at Sweet Water Decor and I could not be happier with it. It is the absolute perfect shade of happy-pink and I swear I catch myself smiling at it, which is probably weird, but I’m keepin it real here for you. If you’d like one, you can grab it here. I may get another one to store my growing collection of makeup brushes in- because ohmygosh how cute would that be?!Happy things! This pink eyelash mug is to die for and it makes me happy every morning!

These all seem small, but I think it is important to find joy in small things! And you don’t have to purchase anything- maybe you find joy in the view outside your window- or something that reminds you of a loved one. Whatever it is, be intentional in recognizing the things that make you smile and then put more of those in your life! Small, simple pleasures go a long way.

Do you have things that you use and enjoy because of their shape or color? What are some simple things that you use every day that make you happy? Tell me in the comments! I’m going to go fill up my pink lash mug with coffee because I’m still on the Sirtfood Diet, and it’s allowed. 🙂

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